Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice Ice Baby!

We have had an eventful few days. The ice storm caused our power to go out, so my friend Molly & her parents let us stay with them. But we are home now and we are so thankful to have power again! Here are a few pics of the ice - Wow daddy, what big teeth you have...
I bet this tree is cold.
Ice Sickles!

Trying to keep warm by the fireplace. Um, a little too close Mommy.
Hmmm, I just can't figure out why it is so cold and dark in our house.

Oh, and by the way, I am REALLY working hard on my tricks. I am rocking back & forth on my hands & knees. Today Mommy was sitting Indian style on the floor - I rolled over to her & pulled up to standing using her legs for support. Then a few minutes later I found my bottle & started drinking my milk all by myself! It is fun learning all these new things! And of course it is fun to keep things interesting for Mommy & Daddy. :)

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