Saturday, January 22, 2011

My New Bed!

Last weekend I got a new bed - a family from church didn't need it anymore, so we were so excited to get it from them! It is big & I love it! Mommom & Papa George got me the quilt set as an early birthday present & Mommy & Daddy got me Lightening McQueen sheets - so cool!
So, Mommy wants to remember some sweet / funny things I've said & done lately -
*I came up to Mommy with my sleeve pushed up, pointing to my arm - "Am I getting a little hair on my arms? Because I will be a grown up soon? But I don't want to grow up too fast. I want to be a kid a little longer. Being a kid is so much fun!"
*I told Mommy I wanted to say hi to Baby David so I made her walk over to me. Then I patted her tummy & said, "Hi David. I love you." I have also been coming up to Mommy & giving David hugs & kisses. I can't wait to meet him!
*Yesterday my many questions & topics of conversation with Mommy included, but aren't limited to, - what is in the walls? What is under the floor? Why do girls not have penises? Does Baby David have a penis? Where is Lightening McQueen's engine? Why are there cracks in the road? Why does food go bad if it isn't the fridge? etc. etc. etc. Mommy & Daddy think my questions are quite entertaining :)
*We got home from the grocery store & Mommy walked in the house from getting all the groceries out of the car - she thought it was so sweet when she saw me sitting on the floor with Kate, unbuttoning her coat & helping her take it off.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kate is 18 Months Old! January 2, 2011

We just love this sweet girl & how much she is changing each day. She seems to have at least 1 new word each day right now. Some of her newest words are Michael (bi-cull), Matthew (ba-bew), ok (oh kayyy), woof woof, yes (yehhhh), nose, eye, ear. We love how she says thank you to EVERYTHING - "Thayyy uuuu."
She loves her baby dolls - all of them are named baby right now :) She also loves stuffed animals and continues to bring us books all day, asking us to read to her - "re a bo!" She loves mother's day out & hardly notices when I drop her off. She continues to be a great eater - her faves are mac & cheese, blueberries, green beans, chicken sticks and black beans. And milk of course.
Kate says no to every question you ask her, even if she doesn't mean no. So we've been trying to teach her yes. She seems to be catching dinner tonight we said, "Do you love Michael?" And she said, "Yehhhh!" "Do you love Daddy?" "Yehhhhh!" etc.
She loves music & loves to "sing." When I begin to sing she immediately gets really quite & listens. She also will sing baby talk to herself, then clap & say, "Yayyyyy!"
When I ask her if she needs her diaper changed she says, "By-per?" and then marches off to her room, bringing me a diaper & the box of wipes.
She is starting to stand up for herself with Michael more & more. I always know when she isn't getting her way or M is trying to take something from her - I hear a loud shreek! She prefers bare feet - even in this crazy, cold weather. Her shoes & socks are off almost immediately when we get in the car to go somewhere.
When I get Kate out of her crib or pick her up to put her in her seat to eat, she says very enthusiastically, "Wheeee!"
Michael can be the typical older brother & not be very nice sometimes. But they are forming a very sweet relationship. He will randomly walk up to her & give her hugs, telling her he loves her. And of course she watches him & mimicks him all the time. Now when Michael gets out of the car he walks over to Kate's side, waits for me to get her out, then takes her hand & they walk together to the door - it is so sweet :) We love watching their brother / sister relationship growing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hard At Work

Tonight when I walked into Michael's room to put him to bed, he was sitting at his little table with his Pooh laptop & one of our old cell phones that he plays with. He looked at me seriously & said, "I have to work tonight." I said, "Oh really? What are you working on?" He replied, "I have to work on my computer and phone. Bear needs some toys." Then he went back to work, typing away on his computer & talking on his phone. Love, Love, Love it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Elephant & Kitty

These are my favorite kind of photos - the candid ones of the normal, day to day things of life. Kate loves her new kitty towel that Santa brought her. Michael & Kate were having so much fun together after their bath the other night.

Christmas Decor

Christmas #3

Mommom & Papa George arrived at our house at the end of the day Christmas Eve. It was fun to have them here with us on Christmas Day! Mommy & Mommom cooked pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, green beans, bread & the infamous chocolate pie for our Christmas Day meal. We loved playing together and opening more presents!
When Michael walked into the living room Christmas morning, he was thrilled to see all the fun presents from Santa. I, on the other hand, really could have cared less. I just wanted to find someone to read me a book :) Michael opened the first gift, and was very disappointed that it was socks - He tossed the socks aside & quite dramatically said, "I didn't want socks! I wanted a truck & a trailer!" Fortunately we have this funny moment on video :) He was much happier after opening the 2nd gift, which was a truck & trailer - he pretty much ignored all other gifts the rest of the day & played with this toy alone.
I loved my kitchen!
Even though this photo is blurry, Mommy thinks it is quite humorous - the determination in my face to get that book from Michael is priceless!
Reading with Mommom
Reading with Papa George

Christmas #2

We loved having Daddy's family here for our Christmas #2. BB, Papa, Uncle Steven & Uncle Matt & Aunt Manda came to celebrate on Christmas Eve. Mommy made chicken enchilads, beans, Mexican layer dip & BB brought dessert. The boys had fun playing croquet (even though it was SO cold!) & we enjoyed visiting & opening presents - a great day & it was so fun to all be together!
Kate loved her Dr. kit from Aunt Manda & Uncle Matt.
Trying to get a "normal" picture of these 3 is just near impossible! :)

Christmas #1

We had a blast with Po & Nana! They came to celebrate Christmas with us the 20th - 22nd. We enjoyed hanging out, playing together, eating, and my favorite - opening presents!