Friday, April 30, 2010


Teaching Kate...

Kate has so much to learn! As her Big Brother I feel it's my duty to teach her - We've been working on...
Clapping (& Sharing - Boy, does she need a lot of lessons on this one! :)

Nothing Sweeter...

Poor Bear...

This has been quite the week! Even for Bear! I could tell he was exhausted the other day, so I let him take a nap in my bed! Wasn't that sweet of me? Mommy wants me to make note of our week, so that down the road she can look back & laugh, because this week she wasn't laughing too much...Last weekend Kate started acting like she wasn't feeling well, so on Monday morning we took her to the Dr. She had an ear infection-we got medicine for her & went about our day. Then Monday evening I was at the dinner table & told Mommy & Daddy I didn't feel well - I went to lay on my bed while Mommy ran the bath water. In the meantime, I got sick everywhere!! It was SO not fun for Mommy & Daddy to clean up. After a fun-filled evening of cleaning up, eating some crackers & drinking sprite, I went to bed. Kate & I cried out much of the night. On Tuesday Daddy came home from work early, sick. Not to mention that Mommy woke up on Monday with aches, fever & sore throat but just hoped it would go away:) By Tuesday evening when she was taking care of Daddy, Kate & me, she had to work really hard to have a good attitude because she was feeling pretty bad. Finally Wednesday evening after Daddy got home from work, Mommy went to the Dr. & got some medicine. So, we are now all on the mend & starting to feel better around here...Bear too! What a week!

Daddy Time

I looooove my Daddy!
Look Mommy! One hand!
Taking a little rest - learning to move is hard work!

Monday, April 26, 2010


We've gotten a little behind on our blog lately - we've been busy! Here are a few updates -
"I want to draw with my markers!" I say this to Mommy often. Mommy has noticed that my art work is looking less like scribbles & more like designs & images - she loved all my circles & zigzags on this one.
Kate thinks I am SO funny! She laughs & smiles at me all the time! Of course I love the attention! I have been on a roll lately. Here are a few things I've said recently -
*Mommy & I were playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O & it was her turn. She asked me to help her count & I said, "Well, I can't right now because I am busy working."

*Kate was doing something I didn't approve of, so I told her in my best big brother voice, "You don't do that Kate. You don't do that! You need to obey!"

*I haven't liked getting my teeth brushed lately, "But I don't want to brush my teeeeeeeeth!" Mommy asked me why I don't like having my teeth brushed & I responded, "Because I am Michael & I don't like it."

*On the way to Bible study the other morning I asked if Daddy was going to be there. Mommy said no, that he is at work. And I said, "It is fun to like Daddy. He is my special Daddy. And you are my special Mommy."

Sweet Kate had her first little sickness this weekend - an ear infection. But she is on the road to recovery. She is busy trying to figure out how to move - she has learned how to turn herself around in a complete circle. She is following my time-line almost exactly - I started scooting around & crawling at 10 months.

Ready to Move!

I love to reach into my toy box & pull my toys out. I am still content to sit & play for quite some time...

But not for long...Look at me - I'm ready to move!

Sippy Time!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Fun Sunday -

Before church on Sunday -

On Sunday afternoon Mommy & Kate joined our friends, Tracy & Bristol, to walk in OKC's "Redbud Classic Stroller Derby." It was a 2 mile walk & the weather was perfect! I really wanted to walk too, but Mommy & Daddy insisted that I stay home & take a nap (I had missed my nap the day before due to playing golf with Daddy.)

Baby Shower!

We had a baby shower for Daree & Baby Max at our house on Saturday. Kate got to help Mommy, while I got to go with Daddy to play golf! I love riding in the golf cart! We played 18 holes & it took almost 6 hours, but I had a great time! I can't wait to go with Daddy again! Mommy had fun making this onesie sign for the shower.
Daree & Molly with the shower hostesses - Daree's sister, Darcy, Mommy, Nancy & Emily
We can't wait to meet Max! He will be here the end of May!

Happy Girl!

Mommy took me to my 9 month appointment last week & we got a good report from my Dr. I hadn't gained much weight since my 6 month appointment - I am 17 lbs, 13oz & in the 25th percentile. Our dr. seemed a little concerned about this, but Mommy is just happy I'm on the chart! This week I have had lots of first's - I have said "mama" a few times. I also have tried cheerios, banana, crackers & water in a sippy cup! I liked it all!

Sleeping Boy...

Mommy jumped at the chance to take a picture the other afternoon when she came in my room to wake me up from my nap.

Easter Weekend

We had a very nice Easter weekend. Mommom & Papa George came for a quick visit. We enjoyed Easter service at church, a yummy lunch & an egg hunt in the backyard! As you can tell, Kate woke up Easter morning not feeling very well. She just wasn't herself. She perked up as the day progressed though.
I had fun opening my Easter basket from Mommom & Papa George.
After church we tried taking some family pictures outside but it was quite windy & Kate & I were VERY ready for our naps!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Kate is 9 Months Old! April 2, 2010

On Friday I turned 9 months old! Not much new to share about me...I am happy. I smile & laugh all the time, especially at Michael (he is really all the entertainment I need!) I love puffs & rice rusks...Mommy is going to start more finger foods with me this week. I 'talk' all the time - I love to share all my stories. I am sleeping fabulously, with Mommy having to wake me up most mornings around 8:30. My favorite thing to do right now, outside of being in my jumper, is to be on the floor with toys, especially some of Michael's toys (that are age appropriate for me, of course:) I love his Leap Frog school bus, his phone, his little people...etc. I have 4 teeth, with more on the way. I love to clap my hands & will spontaneously start clapping all the time.
I am just a little Princess, adored by Mommy, Daddy & Michael!!

On the Go...

Well, not yet, but look at me pushing up! I see some moving in my future!

On Friday, Michael had fun letting his animal friends have a picnic in the kitchen. He set this up all by himself & made sure they each had something to eat. He was very concerned about Bear & E being able to reach, so he gave them pillows to sit on. Then he gave up on the pillow idea & let BoBo, Raff & Monkey sit on the table :)