Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Phone Pics

 1. As I walked into Kate's room she said, "Mommy! Minnie is asweep! Pwease be quiet!" 2. Michael loves his new bed! 3. Michael, Kate & friends at the zoo 4. Kate helping me grocery shop 
 Funny David's favorite trick right now. He does it all the time! 
 Showing off during dinner time :-)
1. Kate loves her "princess dress" that I found at our neightborhood garage sale this weekend. 2. She also loves her sunglasses 3. Michael loves to watch the construction - he will be sad when all the houses are built across the street & the construction ends. I will not be sad. 4. David learned how to pull up & climb the stairs in the same day - baby gate!!!

Phone Pics

 1. On this particular day Kate was NOT a morning person!! 2. Kevin Durant came to visit Michael's Pre-K class! 3. Kate got to play with shaving cream at school - her teacher texted me a pic :) 4. Michael at his Pre-K graduation
1. Bellagio fountains 2.Oscar de la Renta! 3. Fun anniversary dessert 4. at the "O" Show!

David is ONE! May 11, 2012

David turned 1 on May 11! He is such a joy. He loves to eat - so far he's eaten pretty much everything I've offered. I love his eyelashes & his perfect little eyebrows :-) He has four teeth. At his 1 year appointment last week he weighed 18lbs, 10oz - 5th percentile. I can't remember his height but I think he was around the 20th percentile :-) He is so happy most of the time & thankfully, very easy-going. His favorite activity seems to be following Kate & Michael around the house & watching their every move :-) He started pulling up this week too! 

10 Years!

Andy & I celebrated 10 years on May 19th! On Saturday night our sweet neighborhood friend, Heather, babysat our kids so we could have a date night. We ate at The Mantel - a yummy restaurant in downtown OKC. It's been a wonderful 10 years & I am so thankful!! 
Beautiful Orchids from Andy - 
 Michael & Kate wanted to be in our photo :-)

Summer is Here

 Michael's last day of Pre-K - he cried when I picked him up. He has loved his teachers & school. He only missed 1 day the entire year!
 Michael & Kate ran into the kitchen & said, "Mommy! We're deer!" So clever :-)
 Michael's last soccer game was Saturday - his team won & Michael scored 4 of the goals! It has been a very successful first season of soccer for him & I see lots of soccer in our future. He LOVES it!! 
 Michael's Pueblo hut that he made at school
Michael & Kate definitely have their moments, but lately they have been playing together pretty well. This week they have been taking vacations - their vacations are always on the first landing of our staircase. They take all their "friends" (stuffed animals), pillows, blankets etc on vacation. I love their creativity!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

David is ONE!!!

On Saturday we had a little party to celebrate David turning ONE. Really can't believe it - this has been a fast year. We love this little guy so much & thank God for him!
Michael & Kate were so excited to celebrate David's birthday. Although it was funny, Kate kept telling everyone, "Today is my birthday!" I love how seriously David is studying his cupcake in the bottom right pic :-)
There is no question - He LOVED his cupcake! 

 Some present-opening help from Big Brother

  Now I just hope David keeps his sweet baby cheeks just a little longer...
Michael & cousin Henry :-)

A Great Soccer Season

BB & Papa, Uncle Matt, Aunt Amanda & Henry & Uncle Steven (or Muncle Steven as Kate renamed him this weekend :) all got to watch Michael's game this weekend! He was SO excited!
 Love this pic of Kate & Uncle Matt 
 Henry is so happy to be sitting with BB
 Michael with this two awesome uncles!
Love these guys!!

Michael's Pre-K Graduation

 On May 8th, Michael's school had a music program & Pre-K graduation. Mommom was in town & got to come! We loved our evening including her :-) After a sweet program (tears) we celebrated with some of our favorite Mexican food - Poblano Grill. 
 The 2 Pre-K classes performing their songs.
 Michael receiving his diploma from one of his teachers, Ms. Patricia

 Michael has LOVED his teachers this year - Ms. Patricia above, and Ms. Kiley below. He keeps telling me that we need to ask them for a map to their houses so that we can visit them this summer :-)

Michael with his sweet friend, Zachary, who we've carpooled with this year.


We had a fabulous vacation to Las Vegas last week - 5 days - sleeping in - eating yummy food - great company - seeing the sites. We stayed at Caesar's Palace & had so much fun traveling with our friends, Jonathan & Daree. 

One of our favorite meals - Olives in the Bellagio - we ate as the sun set & watched the beautiful Bellagio fountains.

A view of the strip from the top of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris Hotel
The Bellagio fountains from the top of the Eiffel Tower
A gondola ride in the Venetian
Ready to see Cirque Du Soliel, The 'O' Show - AMAZING!!!!
One morning we took a limo ride to Hoover Dam - also amazing.

I tried on this Oscar de la Renta gown - $12,000 price tag. WOW!!! 
We ate a delicious steak dinner at Homestead Steakhouse in Caesar's Palace.
I think the lobby of the Wynn was my favorite - gorgeous REAL flower balls hung everywhere. And it smelled heavenly.
Dale Chihuly is one of my favorite sculptors so I really enjoyed seeing his work in the Bellagio
Flower balls in the Wynn

Jumping for joy that we have 5 child-free days ahead of us :-) Freedommmm!!!

We had Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate 2 different times...yummy!!!