Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Fun Week!

Kate is ready for visitors! We have had lots of people stopping by our house lately, so Mommy has fun getting Kate dressed up with her accessories!

I am having so much fun with BB this week! She is in town to play with me & help Mommy too. I have had a great time playing cars with her, reading books & playing outside! Currently I have such a fascination with any kind of vehicle. Last week Mommy & Daddy gave me a book called "The Big Truck Book." It has quickly become my favorite - I have had BB read it to me at least 5 times a day:) Today BB took me to a museum & I had the most fun in the parking lot - I told BB, "Michael watch cars!" Mommy loves the way I say pickup truck, "ickup truck" & motorcycle, "motonycle."

Today Kate is 3 weeks old! As you can see, Kate has already been rolling over on her side! She has done this several times, in both directions. She has also begun to follow our faces & track objects. Mommy is loving what a good sleeper Kate is too. Mommy only has to feed her once in the middle of the night - around 4am. Daddy has taken over the 11pm feeding with a bottle, so the past few nights Mommy has gotten 5 hours of sleep in a row! Wow!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 3!

It is so hard to believe that Kate is almost 3 weeks old! How time flies, at least for me! I have been doing such a good job sharing with Kate. In the above photo I had given Kate Bear & blanket! This is a big deal - Bear & blanket are my favorites!
I thought Kate might enjoy playing a little golf - I gave her my golf club.
Today Mommy took Kate to the Dr. for her check-up! When Mommy put Kate on the scale, she & the Dr. were amazed that Kate is already 7 lbs, 15 oz!! They were so amazed, that they weighed her 3 times just to make sure! Kate is in the 45th percentile with her weight & she is 20 inches long, which puts her in the 25th percentile with her length! The Dr. was pleased & said everything looks great! We are so thankful!

Fun at the Lake!

We had so much fun having Daddy home with us last week! On Friday we went to the lake that is near our house to enjoy the beautiful weather! I had a blast throwing rocks with Daddy!

Kate enjoyed snoozing in the stroller!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brother/Sister Gifts!

A few days before Kate's arrival, Mommy & Daddy took me to Toys R Us so I could buy a gift for Kate. I picked out this cute pink puppy dog all by myself! Yesterday I gave it to her! I think she really likes it! Kate gave me 2 new books - I Love You Through & Through & a really fun Truck book that I wanted to look at the rest of the day!

Giving Kate a kiss!

Swaddled Up!

"Auntie Daree" is a nurse so she is REALLY good at swaddling Kate:) Mommy wishes she could swaddle Kate every time - Kate can't seem to escape:)

A special nap with Daddy - we love having him home this week!

We love Mommom!

Mommom left on Monday after being here for 2 weeks! We love her & miss her so much! I have been asking constantly, "Where did Mommom go?" Thank you Mommom for playing with me, helping Mommy with Kate & doing so much for us! We are so thankful for you & can't wait to see you again soon!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kate's Second Week

Kate is beginning to be awake a little more often.
Mommy put Kate's Moses Basket in her crib & it works perfectly! Kate feels snuggled in her cozy, little bed & Mommy gets better sleep too:)
A sweet sleeping picture -
Hello Miss Lady Bug!I am doing a great job sharing my cars with Kate! I brought these to her the other day!

Kate's Firsts

Since Kate has been home she has had a lot of firsts!
Kate's first walk! And my first time to ride in our double stroller - I loved riding on the bench! I felt like such a big boy!

Kate took her first bottle & has been doing great with them!

Her first tummy time!
Her first time on the play mat - as you can see, I had just as much fun on the playmat as she did!

Fun Michael Moments

Mommom brought me these fun 4th of July socks. I insisted on wearing them with my orange crock shoes. I'm stylin', don't you think?!
Mommy loves my curls :)
I picked up my camera & said to Mommy, "Hey Mommy! Say cheese!"
A few other funny things - Mommom & I were reading in my room before bedtime. I was holding one of my favorite books & Mommom asked me to give it to her so that she could read it to me. I looked at her & said, "Michael doesn't want to share." Well, at least I'm honest, right? :)
- I call Kate "My Kate." "Where did my Kate go?"
- The other morning I was eating my cereal & in quite the entertaining mood. When I am done with my cereal Mommy lets me drink the rest of the milk out of the bowl. After I had done this I looked at her & enthusiastically said, "I drank all my milk Mommy! He he he! I am a tiger! Roarrr!" Mommy just thought it was pretty funny & random:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kate's First Bath!

As you can see, Kate wasn't very pleased during her first bath at home. But, she felt great afterwards & was very happy & alert!


Last night Mommy had Kate on a blanket in the living room, trying to help her wake up to eat. I came in after my bath in just my diaper. I asked Mommy if I could lay down beside Kate. Mommy saw this as a perfect, funny photo opportunity:) Especially when I put my legs up in the air, just like a baby!

Sweet Big Brother Moment

When Mommy walked in the living room this morning with Kate I said, "Kate!" I was so excited to see her! Mommy put Kate on the attoman to wake her up. I decided to join her. I sat beside her, patted her & just enjoyed looking at her.
I asked Mommy if I could give her a hug - it was so sweet.
Then I wanted to lay down beside Kate to "take a nap" with her.
I just love being a big brother!

More Sleeping Photos

Kate loves to take naps in her Boppy bouncer seat. The outfit she is wearing in this photo was Mommy's when she was a baby!
Stretching, trying to wake up! Mommy has learned that the best way to have Kate wake up & realize she is hungry is to unswaddle her & strip her down to her diaper! She is one sleepy girl!
Kate loves to be swaddled! She is a little bit of an escape artist, so Mommy & Daddy have to make sure she is snug. Mommy's close friend loaned her some really great swaddling blankets by Aden & Anais. They are made out of stretchy muslin & work so well!
A sweet moment with Daddy.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big Brother!

I have been doing such a good job adjusting to Kate being with us! The other morning I ran up to Mommy so excited - "Gave Kate a car!" Kate was sleeping in her bouncer seat & I shared a car with her. Mommy & Mommom thought this was so cute:) I was so proud of myself - as you can see in the photo below.

I love to pat Kate on the head - I also love to watch her sleep & watch Mommy take care of her - She wears diapers too! I have also been talking to Kate - "Get up Kate!" - "Want to play with Kate!" - "Kate play with cars!"
I love to play cars with Mommom!

Sleepy Girl

Kate has been the sleepiest little girl! Partly because she is a newborn & also because of her high jaundice levels. Mommy has been having to wake her up for every feeding!
Kate was sitting with Mommy & fell asleep on the Boppy - such a sweet moment.

Time to Go Home!

On Sunday afternoon Mommy dressed Kate in her special going home outfit!

So tiny in her carseat - And Mommy couldn't find the head support so a blanket was put around Kate's head. Kate did great in the car - she slept all the way home.

The First Few Days...

Cuddle time with Mommom

On Saturday morning my bilirubin levels were really high, so I had to lay on what the nurses called, "the beach" all day Saturday & Sunday. This made Mommy, Daddy & Mommom sad because they couldn't hold me. The nurses also had me drink some formula to help with my jaundice.

Daddy giving me a formula bottle. I did so well!

I love my hands by face :)
My jaundice is better now. I had to go through 6 heel pricks-one every morning Thursday through Tuesday! This morning Mommy & Mommom took me to get my last one & this afternoon I got a good report that my levels are down.