Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catching Up - December

We had a busy December! Mommy didn't have much time to Blog & now that it is January, she is going to try to catch up!
We had fun putting up the Christmas decorations. I was a big help & loved hanging the ornaments on the tree.
We bought a new car! We said goodbye to Mommy's Volvo, which has been a very faithful car & said hello to an '08 GMC Yukon. Mommy & Daddy are loving it!
Kate had her baby dedication at church. Unfortunately, this is the best photo we have :(

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

Yesterday we went to see Santa! Kate did great! She sat in Santa's lap without any fuss.
I, on the other hand, wasn't very happy at first. I finally warmed up to Santa after about 10 minutes & the above photo was taken.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun with Molly!

Molly came over this weekend & we had lots of fun playing in the toy chest!

So Fun!

Mommy was having trouble getting a clear picture of me in the exersaucer~ I love it & move constantly!

Yum Yum!

Mommy gave me cereal this weekend! I thought it was yummy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ready for Christmas!

This morning Mommy put us in our Christmas clothes to take pictures in front of the tree. She was happy with the way they turned out! I was a little princess & waited patiently for the ordeal to be over so I could put comfy clothes back on! Michael did a good job too!

Lovin' on "Christmas Dog."

Michael loves the tree this year & has said many times, "I'm going to go look at the tree Mommy!"
I'm done with these shoes Mommy!

Baby It's Cold Outside!

But Kate is warm & cozy!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kate is 5 months old! December 2, 2009

We just can't believe Kate is 5 months old. She is such a joy to our family! She is constantly happy, smiling, laughing & making fun squeals. At her 4 month appointment (2 weeks ago) Kate weighed 13 lbs, 12 oz (50th %) & was 25" long (70th %). A few things Kate is doing - she wakes up happy each morning; she is rolling on her side to play; she sucks on her hands or toys all the time; she likes to sit assisted by the Boppy or the BeBe Pod chair; she is sleeping great at night; she can be entertained for quite some time just by watching me play. We love you Kate!

My Bear

Bear continues to be my favorite stuffed animal & he gets to experience all sorts of fun each day! He likes to take naps in Kate's swing & I make sure to supply him with cars & trucks to play with.
Here are a few things I have said & done recently that Mommy wants to remember -
*I walked up to Mommy last night, pointed to her & said, "That's my mommy! She's sweet! I love her!" Mommy gave me a huge hug & said that made her day!
*When Mommy picked me up at MDO this week I was "flirting" with a girl (a very cute one with curly, blond hair). Mommy thought it was hilarious. I was running up to her, tapping her on the shoulder & giggling. Then I would run off & then run back to her & do the same thing, over & over. As we were leaving I ran over to her & tapped her one more time. Then at dinner I told Mommy & Daddy, "I have lots of friends at school! Hayden & Eli & Kayla." Mommy asked if Kayla was the little girl with curly, blond hair. I said, "Yeah," & giggled. :)
*Mommy asked me to throw my diaper away. I looked at her very seriously & said, "Well, I don't feel like it right now. So sorry." Mommy had to work really hard to keep a straight face.

Fun with Friends!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Daddy's family in Dallas. Mommy didn't do a very good job taking pictures. One afternoon Mommy, Kate & I had fun at Carrie, Luke & Claire's house.

Luke & I had lots of fun playing together. Later when we left I told Mommy, "I had fun at Carrie & Luke's house!"

This is Mommy & Carrie trying to take a pic with the kiddos. All the blurry movement in this photo makes Mommy laugh :) This is proof that you can't make a nearly 4 year old, nearly 3 year old, 1 year old & 5 month old sit still!
On Friday the 4 of us went to visit Candice, Rob & Maddie. I had lots of fun with Maddie too!

Miss Content

Kate seems to be content almost all the time. She likes tummy time (for a little while anyway:), bathtime & watching people - especially me as I play & act silly. Yesterday Kate was 'talking' & I heard her say, 'a-goo.' I said, "Kate said a-goo! Silly Kate!"

Matching PJs!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Garage!

I have been quite imaginative lately! I am playing by myself more & more - one of my favorite things to do right now is make garages & cities with my blocks. Yesterday I was so proud of my "garage" that I made with my farm!

Po & Nana!

Po & Nana came to visit last weekend & we had so much fun with them! We went to the zoo & I had a great time showing them all my cars & trucks. They brought me some new books that I love! And they brought Kate a cute UT outfit & bow! On Saturday when I woke up, the first thing I said was, "I had a great day with Po & Nana!" I can't wait to see them again soon!


Can you find me!?
I helped Daddy rake the leaves from our Cottonwood tree & had so much fun playing in them!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

Daddy was off on Friday so the 4 of us went to the pumpkin patch that we go to each year! We had such a great time!

I was a little unsure about the tractor ride, but Daddy encouraged me to try it & I was glad - I loved it!
My favorite part was the slide! Last year I didn't like going down them but this year I went down them over & over
I really liked feeding the goats & horses!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kate is 4 Months Old! Nov 2, 2009

I am having so much fun being 4 months old! I am such a happy girl & I love Mommy, Daddy & Michael so much! I am "talking" a lot these days. I love to laugh too! My favorite toy is my whoozit! I love to kick my legs & suck on my hands but I still haven't rolled over yet. Mommy will put me on my tummy & I will look around for awhile & then lay my head down & coo. I'm just not feeling the need to roll yet.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Got Candy!

Halloween was fun! I got to be a soccer player! Daddy dressed up as a soccer player too & he wore his crazy wig! Mommy put gel in my hair & I told everyone I had "jelly" in my hair:) We went to Trunk or Treat at our church. I loved playing the games & getting candy!

I had fun doing a ball toss!
This is what Kate did most of the time. Mommy dressed her up in a festive black & orange bow & a onesie that had a spider on it & said "Creeping Cutie."

I loved this cooking game!
After Trunk or Treat we went over to a friend's house to watch the Longhorns beat OSU!