Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lifegroup Lake Trip

A couple in our life group has a family lake house on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. We had a fun, kid-free weekend there a few weeks ago. A Big thank you to Andy's parents for taking care of M, K & D for us!! It was beautiful, fun & relaxing!! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kate's First Day of Preschool!

Kate had her first week of preschool last week. She was so excited! She did wonder why Michael wasn't at her school this year but when I told her David was at her school, she was excited about that! She is in a Mon/Wed 3yr old preschool class - her teachers are Ms. Maggie & Ms. Audrey. David is going to MDO on Wednesdays, so for 5 hours a week I am kid-free! Of course I pack those 5 hours with so much, that I am usually more tired on my kid-free day than the other days :-) Kate loved her first week & I am so thankful for finding such a wonderful school - this is our third year to go here!

Posing in her classroom - Funny how you don't have to tell a little girl to hold out her skirt, she just did this on her own :-)

David at 15months

In the last week David has really become a walking pro. For a while he has been walking some & crawling some, but he is mostly walking now. It is the cutest thing - he is so focused & he babbles & moves his arms a lot. When he falls he says, "Oh." He is doing really well with his sign language - mostly doing 'more,' 'all done,' & 'milk.' He also says hi, bye bye, night night (ni ni), ball (ba) & of course mama & dada :-) He is starting to really get into things he shouldn't so when I say "No, no David" he looks at me & shakes his head no. So funny. Love this sweet stage! 

Awesome Family

Andy had a 2 week work trip the last 2 weeks of August. I was thankful that the kids & I had a packed schedule with lots to keep us busy. Also thankful for all my sweet friends who checked in on us, cooked us dinner & invited us to do things :-) And also thankful for our awesome family who visited on the weekend & gave me a nice break from being "single mom!" Love them! BB, Uncle Steven, Aunt Manda & Uncle Matt were all able to visit! 
 The kids had some fun cousin time - we tried to take a cousin picture but it was a fail. Still cute though!
Sweet Henry & David had fun showing us all their tricks. Amanda & I had tons of fun shopping & going to Starbucks on Saturday afternoon. Uncle Steven & Uncle Matt took Michael & Kate swimming for a little while, although the pool was cold that day! BB played lots of Legos, read books & helped with bedtime. She also babysat while I went to a parent meeting at Michael's school & went out with my Lifegroup ladies to hear Jen Hatmaker. It was a wonderful weekend & much needed relief for me. So thankful Andy is back home with us!