Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Many Expressions...

"Really Mommy? More pictures?"
"Why, hello my charm working yet?"
"He He!"

Ready to Play!

I have become a big fan of Mommy & Daddy's Wii. I love to watch them play, especially baseball & the racing game (Mario Cart). I really like it when they let me hold a remote - "My-mul's ma-mote." Hopefully someday they will let me play too!

25 Weeks!

Just to keep everyone updated...Mommy is 25 weeks! She continues to feel great & is loving Baby Kate's little kicks & hiccups. We can't wait until she joins our family!


What better thing to do on a snowy Saturday morning than make cookies! Mommy & I made molasses cookies yesterday. This is a recipe from her childhood. She remembers calling them "Pumpkin Cookies" because the first time she & Mommom made them was in the fall & they used a pumpkin cookie cutter. These are great cookies for kids because the only sweetener is molasses & there isn't an egg in the dough either. So Mommy let me sneak a few bites of it yesterday :)

Mommy let me use the animal shaped cookie cutters.
Can you tell which ones I helped with? Don't you like the headless horse?
Nothing beats cookies & milk!
For all you moms out there - Here is the recipe:
Molasses Roll-Out Cookies
1/2 C molasses
3 Tbs butter
1 Tbs milk
2 C flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground clove
1. Heat the molasses & butter to boiling - about 1 minute in the microwave. Add milk to the molasses/butter mixture.
2. In a separate bowl, mix dry ingredients. Add them to the molasses mixture. Mix thoroughly, until mixture almost cleans bowl.
3. Shape into a mound & put on wax paper. (Can be chilled in refridgerator & rolled out later.)
4. Roll dough out onto floured board or wax paper. Roll to 1/4 inch thick. Cut dough with favorite cookie cutter shapes.
5. Place on sprayed cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 6-8 minutes.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleeping Boy

I usually sleep until around 8am, but the other morning I was still asleep at 9, so Mommy went in to check on me. I was out cold, snoring & everything :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Having Fun!

We've been so busy lately that Mommy hasn't been very good about taking pics of me. Plus, I am constantly on the move, so sitting still for a photo isn't happening as much these days. But, everyday is an adventure for me! I have so much enthusiasm about the simplest things! Several cute things I have been saying lately: "Bye Bye Toys!" (as we leave the house); "My-mul is helping!"; "My-mul want to run!"; "Oh! E hit! E not nice!" (After I made my bear, E, hit me:)
I absolutely love my Signing Time dvd's. I bring them to Mommy & ask for them by name. I love to do the signs as I watch the show. I have also been asking for books by name. My favorites to ask for are "Go Dog Go," "Goodnight Moon," & "Big Little." I have been counting 1-10. My favorite time to do this is when I am playing outside with Mommy & Daddy. I like to count to 10 & then throw the ball up in the air. The other night Mommy tried & tried to get me to do this for the video camera but I wouldn't cooperate.
I have become quite the helper, which Mommy is hoping will continue when Kate is born :) I love to get things for Mommy & help pick up. The other day I finished my bowl of goldfish & then pushed the chair up to the sink to put my bowl in the sink. Mommy was impressed that I did this all by myself.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mommy's Fun Finds!

Mommy went to the Just Between Friends sale in Norman last weekend & found some fun things for Kate - let the pink invasion begin! Mommy got all of this - 3 outfits, a Boppy cover, a diaper bag & a Graco carrier/base for $65! Consignment sales are the best (at least she thinks so - I wouldn't really know.) In other news, Mommy set a date with her Dr. for her C-Section! Kate will be born on July 2nd! Isn't it fun that Kate & I will both have birthdays on the 2nd?!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Boy -

Fun with Cars!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fun Things -

A few stories about me lately:
*The other night I was in the bathtub & Mommy sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider." I love this song & was loving the motions! Then Mommy started singing, "If You're Happy & You Know It." I wasn't happy about this at all & told her, "No, no, not that song! Spider Song! Spider Song!"
*My favorite stuffed animal right now is the bear that Molly gave me for my birthday. The other night Mommy put me in bed & I realized that I didn't have bear. Bear was out in the car & Mommy was hoping I would fall asleep without him. But when she closed my door I started crying, "I want bear, I want bear." I must have sounded so sad & convincing that Mommy went out to the car & brought me bear. I fell asleep immediately :) Mommy is thinking she may need to buy a 2nd bear as a replacement just in case this one gets lost.
*Lately when I have been pushing my grocery cart around I will announce over & over, "I go get gas." Mommy thinks I must have learned this at MDO or something:)
*I have been telling Mommy what color things are (& I am correct) - the other day I told her I was wearing my "red shirt." Then I was carrying around a plastic spoon & brought it to her, telling her it was my "purple spoon." Later I was carrying around my Goofy stuffed animal. I told her about Goofy's green hat & blue pants. Mommy & Daddy have been teaching me my colors & I also love my signing time dvd, "Box of Crayons."
*I have been counting to 5! I don't really count objects yet. I will just randomly start counting from 1-5.
*When we are driving in the car I love to point out what I see - "Nanacycle (motorcycle)," car, BIG truck, bike, school bus, etc. Quite often I will be so excited when I see these things & say, "Ohhh! bike!" with lots of enthusiasm.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Colorado Vacation!

Last week Mommy & Daddy took a vacation to Durango, Colorado while I got to stay at home & play with GB - who I actually have started calling BB :) I had so much fun with BB! We played, went to the museum, to the park & to church - I was so glad she could come take care of me! Mommy & Daddy had a great time too! Daddy snowboarded at Purgatory several of the days while they were there. Wow! Mommy must have been really hungry - look at all those ribs she ate:)
One afternoon Mommy & Daddy drove to Silverton - Mommy had gone there as a little girl & she wanted to see it again. It was a beautiful mountain drive.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Official...

My sister has a name - Kate Alaire! Mommy & Daddy have always liked the name Kate & Alaire is Mommy's middle name. I like the name Kate because it is easy for me to say :)

Working Hard!

Mommy thought this was pretty cute the other day...I was playing in the tupperware drawer in the kitchen when I decided I would rather sit - Playing is hard work! So I went in the living room, found my rocking chair & pushed it into the kitchen. Much easier to get things done this way!