Monday, March 26, 2012


I often make notes of funny things the kids say or just things I want to remember on little sheets of paper here & there. Here are a few things I want to remember from the past few weeks --
*He is OBSESSED with time. He tells me what time it is all. the. time. And often he's very dramatic about it - "Mommy, it's 9:05." "Mommy, it's 7:52." "Mommy, it's ALREADY 11:00. Wow, it's late!" "Wow, it's almost 4!" He also noticed that his clock in his room & the kitchen didn't match & had me change his clock :)
*We had this funny conversation last week - (He will hate me for this when he gets older :)
M - Mommy, I have my pj pants on without underwear & it feels so much better!
me - Ok (while giggling & smiling)
M - Why are you laughing?
me - Because I love you & you're cute.
M - I don't want to be cute! I want to be cool! (Really? At 5 he's already concerned with being cool!?)
*He has taught himself simple addition - he told me he learned with the dominoes. He tells me simple addition facts & gets them right (3+2=5, 3+3=6, 2+2=4, etc)! I was so surprised by this that I thought Andy may have taught him, but he hadn't. This boy is READY for Kindergarten! 
*Andy & I are both really noticing that one of his love languages is physical touch - he wants to give us hugs ALL the time. And both of his teachers have told me that he hugs them all the time too :)
*He calls David 'Bubba' - he came up with this all on his own - so sweet :)
*I felt really smart the other day when he taught me how to do something on my iPhone that I didn't know how to do! 
*When we were at Kohl's we walked by the underwear/nightgowns & he said (while giggling), "Look Mommy! Underwear!" giggle, giggle, giggle :)
*I told Michael something & he said, "Well, keep it in your brain & then remind me later." 

*Our neighborhood is called Griffin Park. Kate calls the neighborhood playground/park, "The Griffin Park." She will say, "Can we go to The Griffin Park now?" or "I want to go to The Griffin Park." 
*I opened Kate's door the other morning to get her up & she immediately said, "I went poopoo Mommy. You need to change my diaper. You need wipes." 
*If I ask her if she wants me to fix her hair she will say, "No, my hair is fine."
*Last week with all the thunderstorms she would say, "There's noise in my window Mommy! My window is noisy!" 
*She says beautiful - "booootiful" - I had just painted my toenails & she looked at them & said, "Your toes are boootiful Mommy!" She often says, "It's a boootiful day Mommy!"
*I was on the phone with Andy & I guess she heard me call him Babe because she looked up at me & said, "Can I talk to Babe?"
*When I tell her I love her she will say, "Mommy. I love you too." 

*He is officially crawling now. He still slides around on his tummy sometimes, but that boy is a mover! He ended up in Michael's room the other day & M was shocked! "Mommy! David is in my room!" 
*He started clapping this week - so cute :)

Sesame Street Live

My friend Esther was taking her neice to Sesame Street Live & asked if we wanted to join her - it was a fun time! Andy stayed home with David, so it was a Mommy date with Michael & Kate. Kate made me laugh because EVERY time the curtain closed she would say, "Why did it close Mommy? Why did it close?" It was fun to watch their faces light up when new characters came on stage. I think Elmo was both of their favorites although Michael said he loved Big Bird too.

'Spring Blah,' aka 'Spring Break'

Spring Break was the loooongest week I have had in a while. I wasn't sad to see it go. It rained. Kate had the flu. We were stuck in the house because of the rain & the flu. And we didn't have our normal routine. Thus making a very. long. week. The rain was beautiful & we really needed it, but it prevented us from being able to escape, even if it was just to the park. Kate had it rough for about 5 days - fever over 105, throwing up, etc. She didn't respond well to Tamiflu either. But she is well, hallelujah! Hopefully we are done with sickness around here!! 
Pics - sweet David napping - I love how he uses his bumper pads as his pillow :) Michael was so proud of his block city that he built all by himself one afternoon. M & K love to draw on the chalkboard that I painted in the kitchen recently.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Phone Pics

 1. Michael - so proud of his completed car! 2. David's sweet smile 3. First soccer game 
4. The only good thing about a sick baby is getting to cuddle :(
1. Kate excited about pajama day at school 2. Kate & Mommy at the playground 3. Kate modeling some recent hand me downs 4. At Sesame Street Live!
1. 2nd soccer game! 2. Matthew snuck into our car to go with us - he was so scared of the thunderstorm :)
3. Bath time! 4. Happy David

Love -

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun at the Playground

We are LOVING our neighborhood playground. We were there at least 5 times this week! It was wonderful to have a place to take the kids to play even with David sick. He hung out in the stroller :) Yesterday all of us went & had lots of fun taking pictures. Michael has been building a "fort" around one of the trees. K loves to swing -- "Mommy, will you swing with me?" & loves to slide - "Mommy, I want to go down the slide!" Michael was so busy playing that we didn't get many photos of him. 

David is 10 Months Old! 3-11-12

David has been 10 months old for a week now. And what a rough first week of 10 months it was! On Sunday afternoon he started running a high fever so I took him to Dr. S on Monday. Turns out he had the flu! He even had a flu shot this fall :( His fever got up to 104 & lasted through Thursday. Today is the first day he is really acting like himself again. Except for this week of sickness, our little D is doing great! He is everywhere & seems to find everything that isn't a toy :) He isn't officially crawling but has his own way of moving with rolling, pushing up on his legs & scooting around on his tummy. It is fun to watch him figure out how to get to something he wants. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our 5 Year Old --

 Michael loved painting and putting together the toy car Po & Nana sent for his birthday. 
 He came home from school with this cute sock turtle he made. We have LOVED Michael's Pre-K this year! I think he has missed just one day the entire year, he loves it so much :) I am already feeling sad - just another 6 weeks & our year with his sweet teachers will end. I can't believe we are so close to I register him in 2 weeks! Pass the tissues please :)  
Michael is daily building a new creation with his Legos -- so fun to hear him explain the details about it & watch him be so creative. 

Michael's First Soccer Game!

 Michael is playing soccer with the Edmond YMCA this spring. His first game was Saturday & the weather was perfect for soccer! He seemed very nervous & intimidated by it all at first. But as the game went on, he got into it & seemed to have fun. He has asked everyday when his next game is...and he tells us he can't wait! I think Andy is having just as much fun as Michael (or more)! The Nelson soccer tradition continues...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mr. D

I just love how David uses his bumper pads as his pillow. It's the cutest :) 

He now has TWO teeth! This week he also started sitting back up by himself from laying down. He has been getting up on his hands & knees rocking back & forth - crawling should be any day now.  I guess I am about to get busier, though I don't know how that is really possible :)
 My two babies - haha. Poor Matthew has had it rough these last few weeks - had a mass removed from his hip - lots of stitches, medicine, etc. He seems to finally be on the road to recovery. Thank goodness! 

Phone Pics

 Having fun with my kiddos - as the top left photo shows - it is a bit difficult to get all four of us in a phone photo :)
Kate on the slide at our neighborhood park; David sleeping peacefully - I love sneaking in to watch him sleep :) Michael is SO excited about soccer starting - he tried his jersey on when Andy brought it home; Kate with her favorite meal.


Katers is one of our nicknames for this sweet girl. Her little personality is blossoming more each day -- Here are a few things I want to remember about her right now (2yrs, 8mo):
*She talks very specifically & in complete sentences all the time - If I ask her if she wants milk she will say, "Yes, I do want some milk." or "No, I do not want some milk." or "I really really want some milk." She says "really really" a lot :) It's funny how precise she is with her words. 
*One annoying thing she has been doing is taking her sheet & matress pad off her bed (although maybe this phase is over because she hasn't done it this week - crossing my fingers :) She also will sometimes completely strip down, diaper & all. I came into her room one morning last week & she was naked. She looked at me & said, "Mommy, I took my diaper off & I took my pjs off & I need to go potty." I asked her if she had peed in her bed & she said, "Nooooo, I did not go pee in my bed Mommy." (And she hadn't.) Hilarious. 
*Last weekend Andy & Michael went out of town. Kate kept asking me, "Mommy, is Michael at school? Or is Michael asleep?" When I told her M & her Daddy were on a trip she would say, "Oh, Daddy is on a trip and Michael is on a trip." 
*That same weekend I accidently called Kate one of Michael's nicknames, Bub. She said, "Mommy, I am not Bub. I am Kate." At dinner that night she was eating her favorite - mac & cheese & green beans - she told me, "Mommy, I do not put my mac & cheese on the table. And I do not put my green beans on the table." 
*After meals she has been telling us, "I messy Mommy. I messy."
*"Oh No! Mommy! I got applesauce all over my sock!" Are you ok? "Yes, I am ok."

I Love...

...these newest pics of K & M. (Sweet David was napping.) They were ready & waiting for their afternoon show & snack, but I couldn't resist snapping a few photos first. I asked them to put their heads together & the above photo is what I got -- LOVE IT :) 
 I wouldn't trade these challening, busy, wonderful days with my little ones for anything :)