Sunday, April 27, 2008


Mommy took me to Daddy's softball game so we could cheer him on! He did great! Yea Daddy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Some Funny Moments...

Mommy has been noticing that I like to store food in the side of my mouth...And I keep it there for a little while. It's a snack for later! Mommy thinks this is gross. But she did feel better when she read in a toddler book that this is normal :)
The other day I was playing in my room. Mommy noticed that I had become very quiet. This is always a signal for her to come look for me:) Anyway, she walked in my room and I was sitting in my closet - I had found my music player and was bouncing up and down to the music. I was having tons of fun:)
Mommy got the Boppy pillow out of the closet for Molly to use while she was visiting our house. I decided I thought the Boppy looked fun too. So since then, I have been walking over to it and sitting down in it for a minute or so. I do this throughout the day:)

No Clothes!

Since it's finally been getting warmer, Mommy has been letting me play in just my diaper! Yea!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My First Injury!

Mommy & Daddy worked hard on Saturday - it was a beautiful day! I got to play outside while Mommy put my slide together. I also helped Daddy mow the grass & helped Mommy plant flowers. I am such a big helper!
In other news, I am talking all the time! I have several words - of course Mama & Dada. I also say "ba" whenever I see a ball. And I say "da" whenever I see a dog! I also point to my nose when Mommy or Daddy asks me to. And I love to help close things - the fridge, the dishwasher, the dryer, doors...just to name a few!
Cooling off with a piece of ice!
And my injury? Sunday was the day. This is Mommy & me before church. I don't know why I chose to stick out my tongue in this picture. Anyway, I was having a great time playing in my Toddler 1 class. They have really fun toys & I love to be there! I was walking along, maybe a little too fast, when I tripped & hit my mouth on the shapes sorter container. There was lots of blood & I cried a lot. The ladies immediately went to get Mommy out of her Sunday School class. Mommy & Daddy took me home, cleaned me up & gave me some Tylenol. Today I am as good as new!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Laundry Basket Fun!

Mommy bought me a big bag of plastic balls & put them in a laundry basket. I had a blast!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Fun!

This morning before MDO, Mommy gave me my breakfast. A few weeks ago she had tried giving me Earth's Best Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. I did NOT like it! Yesterday she decided to try it again. She even tried to trick me by putting milk & honey in it. But once again, I did NOT like it! When she put the first bite in my mouth, I slowly spit it out, letting it run down my chin, while crying. It wasn't very pleasant. Hopefully that will teach Mommy to not give me oatmeal anymore! This afternoon when Mommy picked me up from Mother's Day Out I was so happy. The ladies told her that I "Just smiled all day long!" The happiness continued when we got home -I love my Noah's Ark! Later I got a bath! I kept looking at the faucet - I just can't figure out this water thing - where does it come from?
One other cute story Mommy told me to share - Every time Mommy puts me to bed, for a nap or for nighttime, she stands at my door as she turns out my light & blows me a kiss. So I figured out how to blow her a kiss! Now when she blows me a kiss, I blow a kiss back to her! She & Daddy think it's so cute :)


I love my little soccer ball! I play with it all the time. Daddy taught me how to throw it - I will entertain myself for quite some time, throwing it & then crawling or walking to pick it up, and then doing it again.

Bye - Bye Bottles!

This weekend was a really big one for me! First of all, on Saturday, Mommy put away all my bottles! She & Daddy keep telling me that I am big boy & that big boys drink from sippy cups. So, I am now drinking all my milk from cups. And I am doing a great job!
I also got my second haircut this weekend. My hair lady cut a little more off than Mommy & Daddy had planned. They keep saying that all my baby curls are gone. I don't know what all the fuss is about - don't they know that it will grow back?!

Eating yummy pancakes on Saturday morning!

Oh, I sure wish I could get to the remote!
I finally did get the remote...but Mommy took it away & I was sad :(

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This & That...

Hi Mommy...

It sure was fun to throw all the socks on the floor as Mommy was trying to fold laundry :)

Molly came over to play today - We had fun most of the day...

but I had a little trouble sharing.

Bath Fun!

I'm just so happy when I'm taking a bath!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Guess Who's Walking?!

Last night I decided it would be a good time to start walking! Funny, since it was April Fool's Day! But I wasn't fooling anyone! Our friends, Jonathan, Daree & Molly were at our house. I gave everyone quite the show when I, out of the blue, starting walking back and forth from Daree to Jonathan! It was so much fun! I am so proud of myself! Click on the play button below to see me in action!