Friday, May 30, 2008

Playing in my PJ's!

Mommy thought it was so cute yesterday when I walked into the kitchen in my pj's carrying the watering can & a book. More fun with my doggie!

Help please!

I was playing by myself in my room the other day. Mommy heard me start whining a little & came to see what was up. She started laughing when she saw me & before she helped me get out of this uncomfortable position she had to take a picture!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Blue Dog!

I love my blue dog now! When Mommy bought it back in March I liked it ok, but wasn't quite ready for it. Now, I am a big boy - I can get on it & off of it by myself! And of course I can rock on it by myself too! My face lights up when I am on it...if you can't tell from the pictures!

Here I am pointing to the dog and saying "Daw, Daw" :) Mommy & Daddy love the way I say dog with a little "Texas twang."
In other news - Yesterday I said my name for the first time! Mommy, Daddy, Jonathan & Daree all heard me! I also have been loving the
peek-a-boo game! I cover my face with my hands and wait for Mommy or Daddy to say, "Where's Michael?" They usually say it several times before I pull my hands away & giggle:) Sometimes if I have covered my face & they aren't paying attention, I will say, "baby," over & over until they look at me:)

Memorial Day!

On Memorial Day we spent the morning at Lake Arcadia with some of our friends. I had a really fun time. I loved the sand! By the time we left I had managed to get it everywhere, including in my mouth:)
I just sat and observed for a while.
Then I decided to help Daddy build a tunnel.
I was a really good helper:)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My First Trip to the ZOO!

Today Mommy & I went to the zoo with some of her friends & their kids! We had a great time!
I really liked watching the animals! Mommy bought a one-year pass, so we will be going
again soon! Yea!
Mommy & me riding the train!

Me & my friend Nathaniel, chillin' in our strollers.
Yummy Cheese!


I LOOOOVE IT! Can I eat it for every meal please?!

My Water Table!

Mommy & Daddy bought me a water table! I love it! Now I want to go outside all the time :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Mommy & Daddy!

This weekend is Mommy & Daddy's 6 year anniversary! Last night they took me to Parent's Night Out at church & then they went out to dinner at Red Rock Canyon Grill. They said it was so yummy!

TWO Molars!!!

Right now I am cutting not one, but TWO molars at the same time!! One is on the top right & the other is on the bottom left. I know it will be great to have them once they finish coming in, but right now it really hurts! Mommy & Daddy have taken turns comforting me when I am in pain.

Bath Time!

I could play in here all day long!

My Big Blue Ball!

Mommy got me this fun ball at Target the other day! I love it!

This was funny - just as Mommy took the picture, I put the ball in front of my face :)

Playing Outside!

I just love playing outside! Especially with all the beautiful weather we've been having! I make it difficult for Mommy to take pictures of me, because I am so busy playing!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Maddie!

On Saturday Mommy, Daddy & I drove to Dallas to go to Maddie's 1 year birthday party. Maddie's mommy & my mommy have been friends since they were in Kindergarten!!
We had a great time!
Maddie got so many fun gifts! I was happy to help her play with them :)

We both weren't sure why our Mommies put us in this chair together. It was a little squished :)

I was pretty exhausted at the end of the day!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am 15 months old! May 2, 2008

Mommy tried and tried to get a picture of me with my sign, but I wouldn't cooperate:)
Mommy & Daddy can't believe I am 15 months old! I am becoming such a big boy! I can do so many things!
I do sign language for milk, eat, more & all done.
I can say mama, dada, ba (ball), & da (dog) & bla (block).
I have 8 teeth with one more on the way.
I love to play ball, put my blocks in my shape sorter, play with tupperware, & just walk around the house to explore:)
I have an awesome appetite - some of my favorites are peanut butter, cheese,
yogurt & veggies - I tried broccoli yesterday and it was awesome!
A funny story: I have had such a great appetite lately! So much so, that I have begun to steal...crackers that is:) Sunday at church they nicknamed me the "Cracker Bandit." Not only was I eating the crackers they gave me, but I was also walking over to other kids, taking their crackers out of their hands, and shoving them in my mouth! The adults had to vacuum because I was searching for crackers on the floor too!
I promise Mommy & Daddy feed me! :)
Here I am last year in May. I am with my friend Maddie. I was 3 months old and Maddie was a few days old. Mommy chose this picture because Maddie turns 1 this week!
Wow, how time flies!

Playing Outside!

I love to play outside! I had been afraid of the grass, but not anymore! Mommy bought me some cool water guns, pails, and a shovel. It has kept me very entertained!
This is the life!

Learning to Share!

Molly came over Thursday & I did so much better with sharing. See? I'm handing her a toy!

The Gap Man

Mommom brought me a cute outfit from Baby Gap!
But I had more fun with the bag! I carried it around with me all morning!

It really does make a great toy carrier!

My Great-Grandpa's Rocking Chair!

Mommom came to visit last week and we had so much fun! She brought me my Great-Grandfather's rocking chair! I loved it! I wanted to sit in it and read my books all day!