Friday, November 15, 2013

Things to Remember -

*Michael really keeps us in line -
- Andy was working out in the living room, doing T25. He paused it & sat down. M walked over to him & said, "You're quitting? Really? You only have 3 minutes left! Or are you just taking a break?"
- We stayed home from church one weekend because it had been a crazy weekend & I was feeling sick. M said, "Why didn't we go to church?" We explained. He said, "Well, church is very important." Yes it is, sweet boy. Convicted by a 6 yr old! :)
- K asked where Andy was. I said he was at work. M said, "Daddy works very hard for us!"
*M's favorite thing to do right now when he gets home from school is to jump on the trampoline with the football. He pretends he is 2 different teams playing against each other. It's fun to listen to his imagination & how he gets so into it - he will yell, "Touchdown Cowboys!" & then yell the score. So cute.
*Andy has been reading The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe to M & K before bed each night. He was reading the part where Aslan dies - M was crying & really into it. K looks at Andy & says, "Daddy, I have 3 nightgowns with bows on them!" LOL. So funny!!
*Kate still sings all the time. Her favorite song right now is one she has learned at school about a snowman - I'm sure theyre learning it in music for their Christmas program. She sings it at home all the time & taught it to Michael, so now they sing it together.
*David & I have a special bedtime routine now. Every night I hold him & sing Jesus Loves Me. He "sings" it with me - so sweet. Then he lifts his head off my shoulder & says, "One more?" So then I sing, "He's got the whole world in His hands." Then David looks at me & says, "pray?" So I put him in bed & he prays with me, repeating each line. It is the sweetest thing ever….how can 2 be the most frustrating age & the sweetest all at the same time? :)
*M came home from school & said, "Mommy, I HAVE to tell you something. "M…...." (actually saying her name) has a CRUSH on me!" I said, "Oh really?" He said, "YES!" I asked him if he knew what a crush meant. He said, giggling & red faced, "It means she LOVES me!!!" I asked him how he found this info out. He said that a bunch of his friends came over to him at recess singing, "M…. has a crush on you, M…. has a crush on you!" Wow, this is starting already?! :)
*It really makes us laugh that our 1st grader comes home from school singing the same "songs" & little chants we sang as kids - they are timeless. "Mommy & Daddy sitting in a tree…." "Trick or treat, smell my feet…" So funny.
*Time is very important to M. He is always reminding me what time it is, to the exact minute. "Mommy, it's 7:48, we better start watching for the bus." etc. So on daylight savings night I awoke at 4am & realized I hadn't changed his clock. I went into their room to change it, but the buttons are loud & I didn't want to wake them up, so I decided the easiest thing to do would be unplug it. When I woke up later that morning, M was in the living room. I asked him what time he woke up. He said, "Mommy, the weirdest thing happened! My clock didn't have the time on it when I woke up this morning! It was unplugged!!! How did it get unplugged?! I know it was working when I went to bed last night!" Haha. That boy doesn't miss anything!

New Family Photos

Our wonderful friend, and very talented photographer, Jon, took our family photos a few weeks ago. We met in downtown OKC so we could get some urban photos. The last few family sessions we've had have been in parks, so we thought something different would be fun. I love this one, so I can't wait to see the rest. The kids were so cooperative & it was a lot of fun! 


We had a very fun Halloween! Michael wanted to be a pirate, so I went to work getting that together. I painted a Dollar Tree vest, printed a parrot from online clip art, & found a sword, eye patch & bandanna. He loved it. Kate wanted to be a ballerina, which was easy since she is taking ballet right now. And David had no opinion since he's 2 (actually, he has lots of opinions because he is 2, haha :), so I pulled out our England soccer outfit. He played the part perfectly, making his tough face for the pics completely on his own. Hilarious. 

A ballerina & Snow White, having dinner :) We went over to the Lodge's house for dinner, picture taking & trick or treating. Pati put Kate's hair in a ballerina bun & she LOVED it. Heather had hair glitter for the girls, so they were loving all the sparkles. 
 All the younger kiddos, ready to get candy! 
 The 2 6th grade boys joined this pic, and it makes me laugh! I love how Michael is trying to figure out what Ethan is…and I love how Eden is trying to get David's attention. She is 3 1/2 & still calls David, "Baby David." And I love how Kate & Evelyn are posing. So cute :)

 Andy still feels the need to dress up for Halloween :) So this year he wore one of his old referee uniforms. I was going to dress up as an artist, but just didn't have time to get it all together.
 The Mommies having fun :-) Love these sweet girls! 
 Our pretty girl
 The girls were VERY excited to see Hello Kitty in someone's yard! 


One evening in October we met Andy downtown at Pumpkinville! It was SO much fun!! We will definitely go back again next year…the Myriad Gardens playground had transformed into a wonderful fall pumpkin patch with the lots to see & do. The weather was also perfect, so that made for an even better evening. The kids loved taking pictures, running & playing. Then we met our friend, Clay, who works for Devon, and he gave us a tour of Devon Tower. It was cool to go to the 40th floor & see an awesome view of OKC - Although David was very scared of the elevator & clung to my legs. It was very fun family evening :)