Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Andy!

We had lots of fun celebrating Andy's 32nd birthday. His birthday was on one of his Friday's off, so we let him sleep in & brought him breakfast in bed. The kids made Andy a fun birthday poster that we hung in the hallway for him to see when he got up on Friday. The poster making was a fun parenting moment -- as a mom I thought, "oh what a fun activity, letting M & K decorate a poster for their Daddy." But it turned into M & K yelling at each other because one of them would pull the poster where the other couldn't reach it across the table. Ahh siblings :) On Saturday night we had 3 couples over - the Willmans & 2 couples from our neighborhood -- 8 adults & 10 kids ~ whew! I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti (I've nicknamed it Ole' Faithful - it's always yummy & everyone likes it :), salad, bread & chocolate cake. The adults visited & played the crazy game of Quelf while the kids played. It was a fun evening! Andy also had a very nice honor at work that week -- he received an award for his radar project that he has been working on for A LONG TIME :) Andy, we love you so much & we are incredibily blessed to have you as husband & father -- thank you for leading our family & providing for us!! WE LOVE YOU :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had some fun family time on Valentine's Day. We ate pink, heart shaped pancakes, opened our Valentines & read some Bible verses about God's love for us. Even David joined in on the fun :) Speaking of love, I LOVE my sweet family!!! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I "Mustache" You A Question...Will You Be My Valentine? 
Love, Michael, Kate & David

David is 9 Months Old! 2-11-12

This month was a big one for our sweet little man. He got his first tooth. He had already been saying Mama & he added Dada to his vocabulary. He rolls & pushes up on his hands all the time - I keep thinking that any time now I will look over & he will be crawling. He has been doing a cute thing when he sleeps - he lays on his tummy & uses his bumper pad as his pillow. His favorite food so far seems to be yogurt - he loves the YoBaby yogurts & will lean forward in his high chair with his mouth open, waiting for the next bite. We love you David! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

This Week's Phone Pics

 1. Michael dressed up for school - loved that he was willing to wear the cute vest & corduroys! 
2. Dressed up as a "Good Guy," complete with Lego shooter. 3. Proudly holding one of his Lego car creations 4. So tired earlier in the week that he fell asleep on the living room floor :(
1. M & K had a blast wearing blankets as capes. 2. Kate helped me make muffins 3. Michael in his Lightening McQueen bike helmet & race car costume. 4. David right after his bath :) I don't have near enough bath pictures of our sweet #3.

So Much Fun...

 Michael helped me make cupcakes to take to his Pre-K class last Friday.
 Michael lined up all his "Cars" to watch Cars 2 with him :)
 Kate and her "friends." She loves all these creatures & insists on sleeping with all of them too - Bumble Bee, Bunny, Patty Puppy, Ducky, Minnie, Baby, Kitty, Sally...and 2 blankets. Sweet girl :) This morning we had just pulled into the Target parking lot & Kate said, "Look at the beautiful sky Mommy!" Loved the gentle reminder to be thankful for things that so easily pass us by. 
Michael turned our rug into a race track & entertained himself for over an hour until I had him lay down to rest. Then he said, "Mommy, I need to tell you something. Please don't mess up my race track. If Matthew does, that's ok because he's just a dog & I can fix it. But don't let Kate mess it up if she gets up before me, ok?" It was so cute how serious he was :)  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Some Phone Pics

 On Michael's actual birthday we had a relaxing day at home - we stayed in our pj's 'til noon, played lots of Legos and baked cupcakes for Michael to take to school to celebrate.
David is such a sweet lil' man!
And then there's Matthew - so tolerant of the kids putting t-shirts on his head. And I couldn't resist snapping these pics of David discovering him - Matthew seemed to enjoy the attention. 

Michael's 5th Birthday Party

 Michael had a very fun birthday party to celebrate turning 5. For several months he told me he wanted a Lightening McQueen party. Then a few weeks before he told me he wanted a Cars 2 party. I had a great time making his cake & he was so excited that Lightening McQueen & Finn McMissile were on it! His sweet friends Zachary & Molly came, along with lots of family. We had a wonderful time celebrating our special Michael! I was really glad we had the party at 10:30 because once Michael awoke at 7:30 I can't count how many times he asked, "When will my party start?!" He was one excited little boy!
 The road cake, traffic light cookies & road tablecloth were all ideas I found on Pinterest! 
 It's cute how kids get so focused when presents are being opened :)
 Thanks Molly for Michael's fireman jacket! He loves it!
After the party Kate, Michael & Molly had fun "cooking" together. We love how these 3 play so well together.
We also had a special birthday cake for Grandad & Andy later that afternoon!