Wednesday, October 31, 2012

White Sands

While in NM we spent a day at White Sands (we left David at the cabin with Mommom & Papa George - not quite old enough yet :). We had a BLAST & and the weather was just perfect - cool & a little drizzle. Both M & K loved it & didn't want to leave. K has asked numerous times, "Are we going back to the sand?"

Friday, October 26, 2012

New Mexico Trip

Over Michael's fall break we went to our family cabin in New Mexico for the week. It was so beautiful - we've been in March, April, August & December before. I think I will say October has been my favorite so far. The trees were so amazing & the weather was perfect. Such a fun trip. 
 Mommom brought M & K some new dress up clothes.
Poor David, left at home - watching Daddy, M, K & Papa George leaving for a hike.
Perfect weather to play on the porch.
 Lots of fun walking, throwing rocks & enjoying the outdoors.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Michael's Heart

Michael has had a heart murmur since birth. When he was 3 & 6 months old we took him to a pediatric cardiologist - although they heard a murmur, they didn't seem concerned. Our pediatrician has told us each year that if the murmur wasn't gone at age 5 we would go back to pediatric cardiology. And after each appointment when Dr. S continued to hear it, Andy & I prayed that the Lord would close the hole in M's heart. Fast forward to this spring - M's 5 yr appt. The murmur was still there & very pronounced. Dr. S also had a resident listen & they both agreed that we should go see a specialist, just to be on the safe side. ( We are so thankful for this, as we have learned that many pediatricians wouldn't have had us go). We made an appt. with a pediatric cardiologist for August 8th. We put it on our calendar & for the next 3 months A & I continued to pray for the hole to close. On August 8th we took M, fully expecting the dr. to say he was not concerned - that either the hole had closed or that M will live the rest of his life with a small murmur. But after doing an EKG & an echo cardiogram, they determined that M has a 15mm Atrial Septal Defect & it needs to be closed because the bottom part of his heart is already larger than it should be and is showing signs of stress. This was difficult to hear because we really weren't expecting it. After much prayer, talking with the doctors & processing all the information we scheduled the surgery for Monday, November 5th -which at the time felt so far off. But now Nov. 5th is almost here. We have been fervently asking the Lord to close the ASD - that when the camera goes down M's esophagus to look at his heart, M's heart will be healthy without any need for surgery. I love to imagine the dr. walking to us in the waiting room & saying, "Good news! The ASD is gone!"
If the ASD is still there we are praying that it can be repaired with a catheter & that M will heal quickly & completely. Although this is a very difficult situation, we are reminded, once again, that our children are in the Lord's hands & that we are not in control. The Lord has already shown so much faithfulness & we cannot even begin to imagine going through this without His closeness & His promises. Thank you so much for your prayers for our sweet boy.
"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God." Psalm 20:7

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Art Blog

I have been working hard on my art blog & I recently moved it to wordpress. 
I would love for you to visit - 

I also have an art facebook page -

and don't forget my encouragement blog -

Would you say I'm a blog addict? :-)

On The Eve of 34...

Sept 13, 2012 - Some things I journaled on the eve of turning 34 -
**I went to a Meet the Masters (parents volunteer to teach an art lesson based on a famous artist) meeting at M's school. I've signed up to teach 2 lessons - one in January & one in February. This meeting made me realize I really miss teaching art...I will again someday.
**When I got home from the meeting Michael, Kate & David were in Michael's room playing Lego's with Andy. So thankful for a wonderful husband who is also a wonderful Daddy to M, K & D.
**When I walked into M's room to say hi, M said, "Mommy, can you put Bubba up? He's messing up my Lego's." Haha - like he's something that I can put in a box or in a closet or something.
**I picked up my Epi Pen from Walgreens tonight - since I've had 2 severe allergic reactions in the last 6 months my Dr. thought it would be a good idea for me to have one with me at all times. Hopefully I will never have another one or have to use the pen, but I'm glad I have it.
**My family is full of growing tummys. I made salmon patties for dinner. The recipe makes 8 patties & it has always fed us, sometimes even with leftovers. But this time there wasn't enough. I need to remember that I am now cooking for 5!!
**It really makes me laugh that M & K call D, "Bubba." It's so hick. But it's so cute too. It's funny how kids come up with things completely on their own. Andy & I never told M & K, "Please call David, Bubba."
**Tomorrow I turn 34 & my Mom turns 68. I am turning the age she did the day I was born. I wish I could be with her tomorrow to celebrate.
**I'm so thankful for God's grace & mercy in my life - all that He has done, is doing & will do. I'm so full of thankfulness that He has allowed me to know Him & that I can walk this life with His peace & presence. He deserves all the glory & praise.

Neighborhood Fun!!

 Michael & some of the neighborhood kids waiting at the bus stop :-)
 Back to school party at the pool - swimming and a movie!
 More pool fun - Friday evening after the first day of school 
More bus stop fun - school spirit day (Michael's t-shirt looks like a dress so on spirit day he's been wearing a blue shirt :-)

More Instagram

1. Happy David 2. Fireman Michael watching the rain 3. Mommy & D 4. Eating lunch with Michael at school 5. Kate loves to swing 6. David loves to swing too 7. Uncle Steven & Michael playing Legos 
8. Lifegroup girls with Jen Hatmaker 9. D saying, "I wanna play outside too!" 

Monday, October 8, 2012

House Projects

My entry has finally come together (although I still want to add color to the wall - right now much of my house is "builder's beige" :-) I got the "gallery wall" idea from several different pins on Pinterest. I love how it turned out.

I wanted to make some sort of "drop-station" or "command center" for our kids' belongings. I finished this the first week of school & it has been SO useful already!! 

Playing Ball & Taking Baths

 *Brothers playing ball*
*David loves bath time*

Instagram Pictures

1. Pretty girl at our picnic 2. Love the look David is giving me 3. Michael feeding David - such a big helper!! 4. Baby Maggie has arrived! 5. Kate taking care of her baby 6. Hook 'em! 7. K's first dentist appt 8. David working hard 9. D was SO excited to see his Daddy after a 2 week work trip

Neighborhood Breakfast

We had a great morning at our neighborhood breakfast a few weeks ago. This has become a fall tradition in our neighborhood - the weather was perfect & the food was delicious!! 

It's Soccer Time Again!

Michael is playing soccer with the Edmond Y again this fall. Coach Buckingham is his coach again & Andy is the assistant coach. So far it's been a great season! He is loving it! 

My Birthday

It was a bummer that I didn't get to be with my mom (we share the same bday) this year to celebrate. On Friday afternoon my neighborhood friend, Heather, texted me to see if I wanted to try a new workout video at 8pm that night with her & our friend Melody. I really didn't think this was an odd request because Heather & I have been working out 4 mornings a week together. So I said sure. That evening Andy, the kids & I went to eat Mexican food for dinner & then did some furniture shopping. After we got the kids to bed, I put on my workout clothes & headed to our neighborhood clubhouse / workout room. That's when a bunch of the neighborhood girls jumped out & yelled, "Surprise!" Very fun :-) It was humorous that I was in my workout clothes & all the other girls were dressed cute :-) My sweet husband & Heather had been planning for over a week. We had cupcakes, wine & had lots of fun visiting.  

On Saturday we got a babysitter & went to Dave & Buster's with Jonathan & Daree to celebrate. And on Sunday my lifegroup girls treated me to Mexican food at Mama Roja's. It was a wonderful birthday. 

And on Sunday during "nap" time, Kate gave me this wonderful gift -- so thoughtful of her :-) Of course I was the silly one, thinking that putting an entire package of toilet paper under the sink was a good idea. Now I know. 

Another Funny...

I was cleaning David's dinner mess off the floor & Michael said, "Mommy, why are you always cleaning up messes?"
I said, "Because I'm a mommy & that's what mommies do."
M said, "Yep, mommies clean up messes & daddies sit and watch football all day." HaHaHa!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cute Conversation

Sunday night I sent Michael to his room to pick out his 5 outfits for the school week. A few minutes later I  heard this conversation between Michael & Kate -
K - Now can I play with you in your room, Michael?
M - Not yet, I'm picking out my outfits for school. I have school tomorrow.
K - Well, I go to school tomorrow too. I am going to preschool but you are going to kindergarten. And I am going to preschool.