Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Photos

Mommy asked a church friend, Holly Hall, to take our family/Kate's 1 year photos. She did a GREAT job! We are so happy with how they turned out. Here are a few of our favorites -

More Texas Adventures

Mommy, Kate & I spent 11 days in Texas - we went to Lewisville for Kate's party, then to Arlington to stay at Luke & Claire's house, to Austin to see Mommy's girlfriends & kids, to Fredericksburg to see Mommom & Papa George, to San Antonio (to shop for the day) & to Salado to see Po & Nana. We slept 5 different places! We had a wonderful time but we were definitely glad to sleep in our own beds when we got home!

Mommom took us to downtown Fredericksburg & I saw this cool water wheel! I also played at the playground & went down the slides a million times!
Me with Mommom!
Whiskers & I had a good chat one afternoon
I was fascinated with Papa George's trailer filled with old wagon wheels & tools.
We loved being in Salado with Po & Nana! - I loved their backyard & their swing. We also went down to Salado creek to throw rocks & play at the playground! It was a blast!

3 Moms, 6 Kids & 20 Years of Friendship

Last week Michael, Kate & I went to Austin to visit my longtime girlfriends, Carrie & Elizabeth, & their children. We had a great time - busy, but so much fun. I am sure when we are older we will look back & say, "How did we do that??" - 6 children - 4 1/2 & under - 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house - 3 days!! We had fun swimming, going to Central Market & the playground, playing in the water outside & having some much needed girl talk with rice crispy treats at night after we put the kids to bed. Luke, Michael & Lydia ready for "rest" time - Ha! I thought I could let Michael have rest time instead of a nap one of the days because Luke & Lydia were doing rest time, but he showed me that he still really needs a nap each day! (I am not complaining :)
Jumping on the bed!
All ready to go swimming - Gloria, Claire & Kate were NOT interested in having their picture taken! Michael's "I'm so cool" expression really makes me laugh!
Ice cream sandwiches in the fort!
Not the most glamorous photo of the 3 of us but we had to take 1 of us all together - we were outside in Elizabeth's backyard watching the kids play in the water. I am SO thankful for my sweet friends & the memories we are making together! We are "Surviving" & "Thriving" in Motherhood together! (E, I think you said that one time & I love it :)

Kate's Birthday Party!

On the 17th we celebrated Kate's 1 year birthday with family in Texas.Kate loved her cupcake! Kate with Mommom
Kate with Granddad & GrandmaKate with Papa & BBKate with Po & NanaThe fun, cherry-themed table & cupcakes! Mommy received a fun surprise from Daddy! The week before the party Mommy & Daddy picked out & ordered Mommy's new wedding ring (because her original one was stolen). Mommy thought she wouldn't get it until after her Texas trip. But Daddy picked up the ring from the jeweler without Mommy knowing, wrapped it & put it in Kate's stack of gifts. When Mommy was helping Kate open her presents, she opened her ring! She was SO surprised & excited!!

Funny Moments

Matthew found a comfortable place to lay - on my car rug WHILE I was playing! But luckily I thought it was funny instead of getting upset! :)
Kate loves to crawl under the kitchen table. When Mommy found her, she made the funniest face!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great time with Daddy's family for the 4th of July! The family rented a lake house on Cedar Creek Lake (southeast of Dallas) & it was beautiful! HOT but lots of fun! I (Michael) had lots of firsts on this trip! I swam in the lake, I touched a fish & I learned how to pee outside (thanks to my cousin Colten :)!
I loved fishing with Aunt Margaret, my cousin Alden & others that would join us. Kate having lots of fun with Cousin Alden! Me & Papa - ready to watch fireworks!
Swimming with Daddy & Alden in the lake!
Kate with cousins - Berlin & Alden
Kate LOVES the water!
Me & Kate with Mommy!
I really don't like the water & have to be bribed to get in the pool - HA!
Me & Daddy - Mommy loves this pic! The sunset was so beautiful!
Mommy & Daddy - It took them about 10 pictures to get this one, because Daddy was being silly & wouldn't cooperate - Imagine that ;)
Mommy loves the Texas flag! We celebrated Grandma & Grandad's 60th wedding anniversary!
I helped decorate star cookies!
Doesn't Kate look like such a big girl in this pic?! We think it is the sippy cup...or maybe the shoes.