Thursday, September 29, 2011

Messy Messy

It's 9:30. Kate has been up one hour. And I already need to change her clothes. At this rate we will go through 12 outfits today. Love my messy 2 year old :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This & That...

Michael being a sweet big brother

The gorgeous view from our front door - Houses will be there eventually but for now we are really enjoying the sunsets at our new house. Weird Blogger - I can't figure out what it is doing with this border...

Andy surprised me with a birthday dinner at our house - he invited friends over for steaks & he even treated me to yummy cupcakes from Pinkitzel (a cute cupcake place in downtown OKC). This fun evening definitely made up for my actual birthday when all of us (except David) got the stomach bug! 
 I was able to pool my birthday money together & get a Nikon SLR. I can't wait to learn more but I have had fun playing with it the last few days...

 I took David to his 4 month appointment - he weighed 13 lbs, 10 oz - 25th percentile. He got a great report & was a champ through 4 vaccines. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Singing to Minnie

Kate was still singing at the top of her lungs, 30 minutes after I put her in bed for a nap. I opened her door to tell her to go to sleep & found her singing to Minnie - she had put Minnie on her bumper pad with her blanket & was patting her as she sang :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Quality Entertainment

Why, oh why do we buy toys?? Kate found these popsicle molds in my cabinet & played with them for at least 15 minutes. 
Kate LOVES her "friends" & wants to nap & sleep at night with ALL of them - from left to right - Bunny, Sally, Duckie, Minnie, Baby & Blanket. Such original names, I know :)
Again, who needs toys?! Michael & Kate have been fascinated with all the tractors & dirt across from our house as they begin Phase 2 of our neighborhood. 

Phone Pics

Outside on our porch, lovin' the rain!!
I HAD to get Kate the leopard print shoes when I saw them at Old Navy :)
Location of the worm incident - Andy bought M a Lightening McQueen fishing rod & Kate a Dora one. I think they were more excited about the fishing rods than the fishing. 
"Mommy! I drew an ant!" (looks like one to me!)
Pretty flowers from our realtor! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kate's Shenanigans...

Kate has been quite a busy girl lately...busy as in the "don't look away too long, she is up to something" kind of way!
Kate loves the built in desk in her room - the other day I went to check on her & she had put the entire contents of her bookshelf in this drawer. Yipee. She is telling me all about it in the above photo.
Also this day when I got her up from her nap I realized she had a nice sized cut in her shirt. Where she found scissors & used them is my question.
Kate loves her "friends" Minnie, Bunny & Blanket (Yes, Blanket is a friend :) She carries them into the kitchen after naptime each day. I wanted a photo of her holding all of them but she dropped them right when I took the pic.
Love this pic!
She has discovered that it is fun to dump all the contents of her toy boxes into her bed. We took a little disciplinary action on this one, so hopefully it won't happen again :)
A few other adventures recently -
*She ate a worm. Yes, you read that correctly. We went fishing last Thursday & when Andy wasn't looking she reached down into the dirt of the worm box, pulled out a piece of worm (not a whole worm, lol) & ate it, before Andy could do anything. Gross. Kate, we will tell this story about you for years to come :) But a few days later she ate something that beats the worm in grossness. Andy & I went to the new OKC outlet mall (which I will NEVER take all 3 kids to again - complete disaster!!) Andy agreed to watch Kate & give David a bottle while Michael & I quickly went to a few stores that I wanted to go in. While Andy was feeding D, K reached under the table, pulled off a piece of already-chewed-gum & PUT IT IN HER MOUTH! AHHHHHH! Thankfully Andy caught her & pulled it out of her mouth. When he told me (I wish he hadn't!) I wanted to POUR the antibacterial gel in her mouth! I didn't, but I wanted to :) On a side note, Andy was in charge of brushing K's teeth after both incidents! 
Sunday at the restaurant after church she found the salt shaker & somehow managed to pour most of it out on the table & all over her. I promise, we are supervising this girl! Yesterday I took K & D to Kohl's after dropping M off at Pre-K. After we had been there a few minutes I noticed she had a large sticker on her shirt. I didn't remember her getting a sticker so I bent down to look at it - It said, "Adjustable Waistband." She had pulled it off a pair of pants at some point. Oh this little lady - she is a laugh a minute I tell you! 

David is 4 Months Old! 9-11-11

We are loving every minute with this sweet little guy! He is just growing way to fast! He is doing great - sleeping SO well, eating well (I weaned him this month & transitioned him to formula) & he is consistently happy & content. He is having to learn how to be flexible with his naptimes because of our schedule with Michael & Kate...not as much home time these days. But he is handling it pretty well. He loves his hands - most of the time he has them clasped like in the first picture or he is chewing on them. He dropped his swaddle around his arms this month & he seems to be done with the pacifier - just not interested in it. We love you so much David!
By the way, I am really enjoying these month by month stickers that my sweet friend Carrie gave me - They are called Sticky Bellies - You can purchase them here.

Photos From the Last Few Weeks -

A sweet sibling pic
 Kate went through a few weeks of being obsessed with her hair clips. She would get them out of her drawer & bring them to someone to put them in her hair. This pic was right before we moved & Mommom was the lucky hair stylist :)
 Kate loves to disappear to her room & play by herself.
Michael's first day of Pre-K. He was so excited that school was finally starting - and I was too :) He goes to Pre-K on M, W, F (all day on M, W & until 12 on Fridays ).
 I am using Michael's nursery bedding & decorations in David's room so I have turned Michael's room into more of a car theme. I loved these car & street wall clings that I found at Target in the clearance section! 

The Chaos that is Moving...

I am happy to say that this craziness is over & that we are getting settled into our new house...there are still boxes around but nothing like this!! 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cutie Pie!