Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time for an Update -

Hi friends & family! Boy, has May been a busy month! Mommy went to Louisville, KY for a ladies' leadership & had a wonderful time, Mommy & Daddy had their 8 year anniversary, OKC had a lovely hailstorm with baseball size hail (which is getting us a new roof, gutters, back door & repairs to our Yukon), Uncle Matt & Aunt Manda came for a quick visit, ETC, ETC. Things are finally slowing down a little bit, so Mommy has some time to blog! Kate & I are doing great! We had our last day of BSF last week & our last day of Mother's Day Out yesterday, so Summer is Here! Yay! Kate is doing her own style of moving - she scoots, crawls backwards & likes to pull up to her knees - see photo below -
Today we went to the zoo & although it was very warm & humid, we had a great time! We LOVED the swings! We also got to see a bear drink from a baby bottle, which was quite entertaining!
This is Kate's version of waving hi!

A few funnies from me that Mommy wants to remember:
After dinner the other night Daddy said to Mommy, "Thanks for the great dinner babe!" I looked at Daddy & said, "No, she's my babe!

"Hey Mommy! Do you want to play with my cool car?! I got it in my hamburger! It's pretty cool!" (It was a car I had gotten in my happy meal)

We were walking through the neighborhood & I made a comment about everything - "I like that red car!! Yeah, I do! I like it!" "I like that blue car! I do like it!!" "I like that bird! Do you like birds Mommy? Do you like birds Kate?"

When I woke up the other morning I asked where Daddy was & Mommy said at work. I said, "I love Daddy all the time. Yeah, I do. I hug him & kiss him. I love him Mommy!"

Friday, May 14, 2010

To the Dentist

Yesterday Mommy, Daddy & I all went to the dentist. Kate went with us too, but she's too little to have her teeth cleaned. Mommy & Daddy had their teeth cleaned first. Then it was my turn! I did such a good job! I let our Dentist look at my teeth, count them & clean them. Before we left I got to pick out 2 cars from the treasure box. I also got 3 stickers & a cool toothbrush!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kate is 10 Months Old! May 2, 2010

Mommy just loves this picture of me! I am loving life & SO happy! I am very ready to move - I've been scooting a little bit & have been rolling all over the place. I don't sit for very long before I reach for something & fall onto my tummy. Then I push up on my arms & squirm...I just need to figure out how to push up on my knees! I know I will get it any day now! Mommy & Daddy love some of the cute things I am doing - When I am done eating something & don't want anymore, I shake my head no. I love yogurt - the yogurt container has a picture of a baby on it - I love to look at the baby & it makes me laugh! When I am trying to move I stick out my tongue - it helps me concentrate. I am sure the next time you hear from me, I will be moving all over the place! And just for fun - here is Michael at 10 months old - SO much resemblance!

Too Cool

I've been wanting a pair of sunglasses for a while & Mommy finally got me some the other day! Love my new shades! Of course, they will be more fun to wear outside when it's sunny!