Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Smiles!

Matching in Red!

I was so excited the other day when I saw that Kate & I were both wearing red! "Mommy! Take a picture!"

So Proud!

The other day I drew a picture with crayons & stickers - Mommy let me put it & some photos on the fridge with magnets. Mommy laughed when she saw how straight & organized I had placed everything - all on my own!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Fun Surprise for Mommy!

The other night, Daddy insisted that Mommy have a girls' night out with her friends, Michelle & Daree. He even arranged a babysitter (Kate's first time with one)! They were told to go to Dave & Busters - one of Mommy & Daddy's favorite places. When the girls got there, the waitress showed them to their table where Daddy & the other 2 husbands, Jake & Jonathan, were sitting - they had decorated the table "Hawaiian Style" complete with a minature palm tree, hats, fun straws & matching Leis for each couple. Mommy & her friends were so surprised & they all had a great time! It was a surprise birthday dinner for Mommy & Daree, even though Mommy's is a few weeks away. And Kate did great with the babysitter!
Daree, Mommy & Michelle
Daddy & Mommy playing shuffle board!

Daree & Mommy playing ski ball

Kate at 6 weeks -

At Mommom's -

A Mommy hug!

Mommy's Aunt Fran & Cousin Teal came over to meet Kate!
Mommy & her cousin, Teal.
Mommom & Kate

The Tractor!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael's Prayer

Yesterday I had such a great day - some of the highlights were getting to sit on Papa George's tractor, walking around on his flat bed trailer & throwing rocks! At bedtime last night I said such a sweet prayer completely unprompted by Mommy or Mommom -
Dear God,
Thank you for Papa George,
Thank you for rocks,
Thank you for the tractor,
Thank you for the trailer,
Thank you for Mommom,
Thank you for Mommy,
Thank you for Kate,
Thank you for Daddy,
in Jesus' Name - Amen!

Sweet Moments

This week we have noticed a lot of fun changes with Kate! She is holding her head up for longer periods of time. She is also giving us a few small smiles every once in a while. We can't wait until she begins to smile really big! She is also awake & alert more often & we love her sweet little coo's & baby sounds.

Fun at the Grocery Store

Mommom agreed to meet us halfway to pick us up so we could spend the week at her house. I have had so much fun - On Monday I went to the grocery store with her. HEB has this awesome car grocery cart! I loved every minute of it - as you can tell!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am 2 1/2 Years Old! August 2, 2009

I had lots of fun taking pictures with my little sign:)

Kate is One Month Old! August 2, 2009

Kate is one month old today! We can't believe how fast it has gone! According to Wii Fit she weighs about 8lbs, 3oz. She is becoming more alert everyday & has longer awake times, although Mommy still has to wake her up for some of her feedings. She cries very little & is content most of the time. She is such a blessing to us!
Here is my 1 month old photo - I think we are definitely brother & sister! Don't you think?

Kate Goes to Church!

On Sunday morning we took Kate to church for the first time! She enjoyed herself - She slept in Daddy's arms the whole time! When Mommy picked me up from Sunday School, my teacher told Mommy that I talked about my sister Kate the whole morning!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Daddy was leaving for work one morning this week & I thought he was leaving without hugs - I ran to the door & called out, "I want a hug Daddy!"
As Mommy was putting me to bed the other night I told her, "I want to ride a concrete truck!"
While BB was here she was cooking dinner & had opened the fridge - I stood in it to help her. When she was ready to close the fridge she gently put her hand on my shoulder so that I would move. I looked up at her & said, "Don't push me BB. Don't push me!"
Fun words: Triangle - tritrangle; Fire Engine - fire in; Chip - chup; Pillow - pullow
When I want to do something by myself I say, "My do it!" or "Michael do it!"
When I don't want something to happen I say, "No, I not." Example: "Michael, do you need your diaper changed?" "No, I not."

Holding Kate

Mommy & I survived our first full week with Kate by ourselves! I was a great helper to Mommy! There were a few times when she looked really tired & teary - I would say, "What happened Mommy? What happened?" We stayed busy this week - we played at Molly's house, I went to Mother's Day Out, we took Kate to the mall & to the grocery store & we went for several walks to enjoy the beautiful weather! No wonder Mommy is tired! :) I did such a good job at sharing Mommy's attention with Kate. I love being a big brother! I either want to hold her, kiss her & give her hugs or I just ignore her:) I act like she has always been a part of our family! Mommy & Daddy are so happy that I am adjusting so well! Many times this week I really wanted to hold Kate. I would tell Mommy, "I want to hold her! Hold Kate Mommy!" "Take a picture Mommy! Take another picture!"

I show a lot of interest in Kate's little hands & feet.

I love holding Kate's hand.

My First Dress!

Last Sunday Mommy realized that Kate hadn't worn a dress yet!

We had such a fun week with BB! Thank you BB for all you did for us! Last weekend Papa joined us too & we had a great time! Thank you Papa for helping Daddy with all the house projects!