Monday, February 23, 2009

20 Weeks!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Climbing Man

This week I have suddenly become a pro at climbing - Mommy walked back into the living room one morning & found me at the computer...
That same morning she let me watch her cook & I climbed up into the chair all by myself. This also means that anything on the counters or the kitchen table is no longer safe from my reach...this is taking some getting used to for Mommy & Daddy :)
On Thursday Molly & her parents came over - Molly & I climbed up onto the trunk at the same time - as you can see, I am very proud of myself.
And...I can climb up into my booster chair by myself too! No longer do I stand beside it & say "eat." Now I climb up into it & say, "eat."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my Daddy's birthday! We made him a special pancake breakfast this morning! I am so thankful for my Daddy - he is the best! Thank you Daddy for being so much fun, for teaching me about Jesus & for taking care of our family! I love you!

Talking so much!

When Mommy picked me up at Mother's Day Out on Monday, that is what my paper said, "Talking so much!" And I am! Mommy & Daddy have to really listen sometimes to understand what I'm saying, but I have so many new words & I'm saying 3 & 4 words together regularly now. A few fun things I've said lately:
"We go Molly's house!" (We were getting ready to go see Molly & I was SO excited!)
"Yea Jesus! (We like to listen to praise & worship music a lot! One of my favorite songs is "Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So!" Whenever it is on I say, "Yea Jesus!" over & over with lots of enthusiasm :)
"Daddy, Get up!" (When Daddy is still in bed on the weekends I run in & say this over & over! It makes Mommy & Daddy laugh

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Sister's Fabrics

Mommy has already found the fabrics for my sister's room! After our Dr. appt on Tuesday, Mommom, Mommy & I went to Quiltworks "just to look." :) Mommy found what she wanted within 5 minutes! I think she was just excited about looking at fabrics with pink in them!
So all in all, Tuesday ended up being a VERY eventful day! We found out we are having a girl, we found fabric for her room & there was lots of fun weather, including tornadoes, hail & the tornado sirens going on & off for several hours! It was a crazy afternoon!
Mommy & Daddy are working hard on deciding my sister's the mean time they have nicknamed her "Baby Freedom," because she is due the week of July 4th!

Daddy's Surprise!

Last Sunday Mommy & Daddy went on a special date with Jonathan & Daree. Mommy surprised Daddy (an early birthday present) with tickets to go see Brian Regan, the very funny comedian:) They had a great time - the evening began with eating sushi at their favorite sushi restaurant, Tokoyo House. Then Mommy blindfolded Daddy & they all drove downtown to the Civic Center. They made Daddy stay blindfolded all the way to his seat. Mommy wishes she had gotten a picture :) People were enjoying the show of watching Daddy try to walk, blindfolded. Once in their seats, Daddy had to guess where they were...He was very surprised!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yea for Pink!

Mommy made me this sign to announce our big news! As you can see I was really cooperating:) This morning Mommy, Daddy, Mommom & I went to the doctor to see our baby. We were thrilled to find out that we are having a girl! The Dr. said everything looks great & that her weight (currently 9oz) is right on track to be here the first week of July. Now we are just trying to figure out her name!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Birthday Party!

Yesterday was my birthday party! It was such a fun day! We went to TX on Friday night & stayed at Grandma & Grandad's house. On Saturday morning, we had the party - I got to see Mommom, Po & Nana, Grandma & Grandad, GB & Papa, Aunt Margaret & Candice, Rob & Maddie! We had a fun time opening presents & eating pizza & cookie cake!My table - Mommy made me a cookie cake & special mini-cupcakes!I loved opening my presents! Me with Grandad!
Mommy & me with Candice & MaddieMommy & me with Nana & Po
Nana & me playing with my new little oven!
Having fun with Papa & GB!
Aunt Margaret & me, having a little chat.
By the way, Stay Tuned...On Tuesday Mommy finds out if I am going to have a brother or a sister! Yea!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthday Celebration #1!

Despite my rough start to the day, I ended up having a great birthday! My family party is in Texas this weekend, but we still wanted to celebrate in OK. Mommy & Daddy had a special dinner for me - Jonathan, Daree & Molly came over, along with my favorite babysitter, Jill! We had a great time!Mommy made me cupcakes! I loved watching the candles & blowing them out - Daddy helped me a little. I enjoyed every bite of my cupcake!
Do you like my icing mustache?
After dinner I had a few presents to open - This is me opening my gift from Molly - What a special surprise! Molly has a bear that she always brings to my house that I really like. After Molly & her bear leave I like to ask Mommy for, "Ma-e's Bear." Molly got me the same exact bear! I love it so much already!
Giving Molly a goodby hug - Such sweet friends!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am 2 years old today! February 2, 2009

Mommy & Daddy tell me that today is a very special day, my birthday! I am 2! - Today has been a day that I will not soon forget - Let me tell you how my birthday began...Last night I slept horribly (which is very unusual for me). I cried on & off all through the night. At 5am Mommy gave me motrin because I was running a fever. Then she rocked me & I fell back asleep. At 9am she went in my room to check on me - I was still very hot so she called the dr - I didn't want to eat breakfast or anything, just sleep. At 10:45 Mommy woke me up to take me to the Dr. We had our coats on & were standing by the door, when I threw up everywhere, all over Mommy! I cried & cried...this was my first time to ever really get sick like that. Thankfully, Daddy was still home so he helped us clean up & off we went to the dr. My Dr. told me that I still have an ear infection in my right ear (I was treated for it 2 weeks ago). Since I had been sick earlier, my Dr. decided to give me an antibiotic for my infection through a shot. What a great birthday present! It hurt SO bad. All morning I held onto my leg & said, "it hurt." When we got home Mommy & Daddy gave me a bath & some crackers. I started feeling a little better. After napping from 2-6pm, I finally felt good again! I did get to have a fun birthday celebration tonight with friends - Mommy will post photos tomorrow. Not exactly the birthday I had planned, but at least it got better throughout the day :)
Here are a few things Mommy & Daddy want to remember about me right now:
*Mommy bought me a placemat with Sesame Street characters on it. The main one I know is Ernie because I have a little Ernie toy that I like to play with. When Mommy is making my meals I ask for the "Er-ie pacemat."

*Whenever Mommy & Daddy cook I want to watch. I push a chair over to the counter & stand on it to see what they are doing. The other morning I wanted a scrambled egg for breakfast so I said to Mommy, "watch, egg."
*I like to remind Mommy where Daddy is throughout the day. If it is during the week I will randomly say, "Daddy at work." Last Saturday Daddy went to play basketball at church, so all morning I reminded Mommy, "Daddy at b-ball."
*Mommy & Daddy let me have timer time - I play in my room by myself until the timer dings. Usually around 20-30 minutes. I have been doing great with this. Sometimes when the timer goes off I say, "Yea! Ding! Ding!" The other day when the timer went off Mommy heard me say, "Pick up toys!" Then I picked up all my toys completely on my own. When Mommy came to my room to get me, she was amazed that it looked like I hadn't even played in there!!
*I am really big into ownership right now - "My-mul's book, My-mul's shirt, Daddy's shoes, Mommy's drink." ETC.
*Today I was walking around with 2 of my blankets. Mommy asked me how many I was holding. One at a time I held each up & said, "one, two!"
*On Tuesday & Wednesday night I got to play with Molly. The next 2 mornings the first thing I said when Mommy got me up was, "Ma-e?" On Wednesday night I also got to see Jill, my favorite babysitter! So Thursday morning after asking for Ma-e, I asked for Jill. Mommy told me they had both gone home. I made a sad face. Then I asked for Ma-e's bear :) (She has this cute little bear that I really like). Mommy said he had gone home too.