Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Recent Adventures -

2 of my favorite things - Sweet Potatoes & the Texas Longhorns!
Go Colt McCoy!

Look how good I am sitting up! Mommy has been having me practice a lot and I am getting better each day!

I also still like to turn my Boppy pillow into a jungle gym!

Me with some of my favorite toys!
I love to play with Daddy!
Ok, I've had enough!
Please put me to bed!

My cute dinosaur overalls that Mommom's friend, Judy, gave me!
Mommom & I had so much fun during her visit! She read to me and played with me a lot. She gives me lots of attention & I love it:)
I really like my exersaucer. My friends, Ian & Nolan, are letting me borrow it! It is one of favorite things to do now! I love to press the buttons that make animal sounds.
See how happy I am!

Friday, August 24, 2007

What a Stud!

Last night we went out for Mexican food with Jonathan, Daree & Molly. Mommy thought it would be fun to dress me in this cute outfit! I am quite the stud, don't you think?
All dressed up with Daddy, ready for church!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I love to chew on my cold teething toy! It really helps my gums feel better. My mommy says that I am "teething," and that she can see 2 little teeth on my bottom gums, getting ready to come out! Boy, does it hurt! I have been a little fusier than usual and just not feeling like myself. I wish those teeth would hurry up!
I love solid food! So far, everything that I've tried is so yummy! Mommy has given me sweet potatoes, butternut squash & green peas. She has also mixed the veggies with cereal & that is yummy too. Mommy said that she is going to wait a little longer before I can have fruit. I can't wait!
I am sitting on the couch like a big boy!
Mommy & Daddy say they love my long eyelashes!

Auntie Carrie & Baby Luke's Visit!

Luke & I had fun together! Mommy & Auntie Carrie had fun too - they worked on their 10 year high school reunion stuff while we played! I can't really play big boy games like Luke yet, but I can't wait until next summer! I will get to run and play like him! He even got to play with water
in the backyard!

Luke & I got to sit in the wagon!

Luke put on my Mommy's sunglasses:)

Hey wait! Luke is trying to go home with all my toys! I better stop him!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Fun Week -

What a week! I have been a busy boy! On Tues. - Thurs. Karla came over to play with me while Mommy taught preschool art camp at the Fine Arts Institute. She had lots of funny stories to tell when she got home each day!
I also got to go to JC Penney and get my 6 month pictures taken! That was fun too! I was a really happy boy and smiled a lot until they put me on my tummy - that just wasn't my plan, so I let them know...And it worked!
I want to be like Daddy!
Do you like my hair? It's called "The Wave."
Playing with Daddy is so much fun!
I was really tired after running errands and getting to play
with Amanda in the childcare room at Mommy's gym!
Sometimes I get on my tummy to play and really like it! Other times I don't like being on my tummy so much - I think this really confuses
Mommy & Daddy!
I'm a Happy Boy!
I can't wait to get my hands on that silver thing (I think Mommy called it a camera) and try it out myself! Whatever it is, Mommy is obsessed!
I really like to talk and blow bubbles - It is fun to make different noises! Sometimes I "talk" so loud that Mommy has to leave the room to talk on the phone - One time, Mommy & Daddy were trying to talk. I was just wanting in on the conversation - but I guess I was too loud because they left the room to finish talking somewhere else. They said they couldn't hear each other over my voice:)
I love to eat with a spoon! It is getting easier each time I do it! On Friday Mommy gave me sweet potatoes and they were so yummy! Mommy couldn't feed me fast enough - It seemed like every time I opened my mouth, I had to wait forever to get the next bite!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

When Do You Grow? - Poem by Mommy

When do you Grow?
When does it happen?
One minute you are so small,
The next full of smiles & laughter!
You enter the world helpless, a little bundle,
& one morning you awaken with happy talk!
Full of personality,
Full of life,
Full of exploration.
A constant look of discovery on your face,
Learning new things each moment.
But, I still want to know -
When do you Grow?
When does it happen?
Is it while you sleep...or play...or while I'm holding you?
It amazes me, this little life,
How alive you are.
And how with each passing glance,
You change so fast.
Each day is a new adventure,
As I watch you grow & change.
Being your mom is a blessing from the Lord.
A responsiblity, a calling, an honor.
I hold each moment tightly in my heart.
Because I still wonder -
When do you grow?

Happy Birthday Grandma Becky!

Happy Birthday Grandma! I miss you and
can't wait to see you soon!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Weekend

My favorite dog, Jake!

I love to take a bath!
Mommy, please put the camera away:)

My friend Molly came over to visit. She doesn't really know
that I exist yet:)

I am 6 months old! August 2, 2007

Today was my 6 month birthday! I am having so much fun being me!

This is my new favorite way to sleep!

Some Fun July Moments ...

I have so much fun climbing out of my boppy - it is very entertaining and it makes Mommy laugh:)

I have recently discovered how much fun it is to look at things upside down! 

Mommy gave me my first cereal and it was yummy! I'm not sure how much cereal actually made it to my tummy though:) A lot of it ended up on my face and my bib. That spoon is tricky! But I am getting better!

I love when Daddy reads to me. Mommom brought me a new book when she came to visit in June - "That's Not My Bunny." It is now one of my favorites!

Hanging out with Mommy...

Swimming with Daddy in our back yard -

I love to "Stand!"

Reading with Mommom -

I am 5 months old!

I love to play in my "Farm Chair"