Friday, December 31, 2010

Funny Kate

Kate really makes us laugh. She loves spaghetti, as you can see. She loves going outside. When the door gets opened for our dog, she lifts her arms in the air & says, "ow-si" over & over & over...and then when I tell her no - that it's too cold, or dark - she throws a fit! When I do let her outside, she walks really fast to the middle of the backyard, then sits down & plays with the grass & leaves, being entertained for as long as I will let her stay out. She could care less about the temperture, the dirt, or the wind. She slides down the slide head-first. Boy, are she & Michael different :)
Her other favorite right now is books. I think every single family member that was here over Christmas read her AT LEAST one book, but probably more. In the above photo, she is "reading" to herself - loudly talking in gibberish as she turns the pages. If anyone sits down, Kate takes that as a cue that they are sitting down to read to her! She quickly finds a book, roughly "throws" it in their lap & says, "re a bo!!!" with lots of enthusiasm.


Here is a post to honor our wonderful German Shepherd, Matthew. He doesn't get recognized on this blog very often, but he has become an important member of our family. He helps Mommy sleep at night :) He is also very loyal & gentle with the kids. Nevermind the shedding, the insane barking when someone knocks at the door, or being Mommy's CONSTANT shadow...despite all this, we will keep him around :) We love you Matthew!

As you can see, he was THRILLED with his treats from Santa.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kate's First Haircut

When Michael & I got our haircuts last week, I decided it was time for Kate's first little trim. She did so well!

LOVE These Two

Kate figured out how to climb up into the chair by herself this week. She is oh so proud of herself! She is also showing a huge love of books - she brings me books, says, "re a bo" (Read a book) & then sits down in my lap. It's too cute. Notice the nice bruise on her head - she loves to bounce around in her crib which yesterday led to hitting her head. She didn't seem too bothered by it. And notice the shirt - yes, the drool continues...
Michael loved helping me make his MDO & BSF teachers peanut butter balls & cookies.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Visit with Santa

What a difference a year makes - last year Michael cried & it took 10 minutes or so for him to calm down. This year he walked right up to Santa, climbed in his lap and told him he wants a truck and a trailer for Christmas. Kate did pretty well. She never would smile, but she only cried for a minute until she saw Andy & me making goofy faces:) I'm sure our silliness was quite entertaining! Santa picture 2010 = Success!

A Little About Michael

Michael's Fall School Picture
About 6 weeks away from turning 4, I am saying, "HOW can he be turning 4?!" I guess I wouldn't be a mom if I wasn't asking that! Michael is a true joy. He brings me laughter everyday. Today was his last day at his current MDO because we are starting him in a new preschool in January. His teacher told me today, "I just can't imagine our class without Michael in it next semester. We love him so much!" My thoughts exactly - I can't imagine life without him & I love him so much. Even on days that he challenges my sanity :) A few things I want to remember -
*M loves to help me around the house - collecting all the laundry & helping me sort it; collecting all the trash cans & emptying them; Putting food in Matthew's bowl; Putting the silverware away
*My nicknames for Michael - My Man; Sweet boy; Buddy
*LOVES his stuffed animals - his favories are Bear, Pumpkin, Pedro, Tiger
*He is getting more & more independent - uses the potty/flush/wash hands; Opens/Closes fridge to get his drink or put it back; Pj's on by himself; Completely dresses himself to his shoes, except needs help with socks.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Time!

Kate & Michael all dressed up after seeing Santa Clause
Baby Jesus 'tucked in' for a nap (according to Michael), all three of them :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Advent Calendar

Mommy made us an Advent calendar this year! She found some really fun ideas online & then created a list of 25 activities. I really like opening the number each day to see what special activity we will do to celebrate Christmas! On Day 1 we read about Jesus' birth, Day 2 we decorated a Santa sheet with markers & cotton balls, Day 3 we made hot chocolate & shared what we are thankful for & today, Day 4, we took pictures with Santa Clause & went to ToysRUs to buy a present for a little boy on the Angel Tree at Daddy's work.

This was Day 2 & I loved it! Look how good I am coloring in the lines!! I had lots of fun gluing the cotton balls to make Santa's beard!
Kate had fun coloring her Santa too!
My finished product - done completely by myself without any help from Mommy!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And A Few More...

Pics from last week - We had a wonderful week in Texas seeing all our family. It was busy with lots of packing & unpacking, loading & unloading the car & setting up the pack & play, oh, maybe at least 5 or 6 times. But it was worth it!!
This picture will definitely show up at Michael's rehearsal dinner slideshow someday :) What I love is that we are completely oblivious to what he is doing - we think we are taking a nice family pic in front of a beautiful fall tree :) Michael thinks it's time to act like a true 3 1/2 year old little boy!
Miss K loves being outside. When Michael was this age, he was scared of the grass & would cry when he walked on it. Not Kate! She walks barefoot in it & sits in it, no problem!
One afternoon while at Mommom & Papa George's we went to a neighbor's house to see Longhorns! Michael loved them & had fun feeding them! We loved their names too - Sweet Pea, Pumpkin & Petunia :)