Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mike Huckabee!

On Saturday, Mike Huckabee was in town for his book tour! Mommy went to meet him & buy his book. She had a great time & said it was very fun to see all the supporters - the line was out the door & she waited nearly an hour. It was definitely worth the wait, and fun to experience a book signing. Some advice for future book signings - she will buy the book in advance & bring it with her; she had to wait in 2 different lines - first to buy the book, then to get it signed.


I just love my stuffed animals right now!


I had so much fun the other day wearing my blankie as a cape!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mommy's Surprise!

When Mommy & I got home on Monday night, Daddy had a surprise! He had installed a light in our dining room! This room didn't have a ceiling light, just lamps. Daddy did it all by himself & picked out the light too! Mommy was very happy :)

Quick Trip to Texas!

Mommy is a little behind on the blog...Last weekend Mommy & I took a quick trip to Texas to see friends & family. On Thursday night we stayed with Mommy's friend, Carrie. I got to play with Carrie's kids, Luke & Claire. Mommy's friend Elizabeth was also visiting with her kids, Lydia & Gloria. We had a great time playing! On Friday, Mommy & I drove to Mommom & Grandpa George's house.
I loved playing outside! The sidewalk leading to their house has a slight slope to it, so I loved standing at the top & saying "ready?" And then running down it & saying, "stop!" I did this over & over...

me & Mommom Mommom, Grandpa George & me
Mommom let me help her make a pie crust! And Mommom bought me a special rocking chair that I can use at her house! I loved it! It was a great trip. On Monday, Mommy & I drove the entire 8 hours home in one day! I did SO good! I slept some, ate some, & watched some dvds! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

I am 21 months old today! Nov 2, 2008

I am glad to be on the countdown to being done with these photos with the little signs - They seem kind of silly to me - but Mommy insists on doing them until I turn 2 - So only 3 more months! I just can't believe how fast I am growing & changing - everyday I learn something new. Some of Mommy & Daddy's favorite things about me right now:
*I love my stuffed animals - Bobo, Ras, Orn the Longhorn, E, & Mannie - Yes, I named them by myself! I love to pile them all in my shopping cart & take them around the house.
*I like to walk holding Mommy or Daddy's hand when we are out & about. Mommy says this has come in very handy since I am finally getting heavy :)
*I can blow my nose! Mommy or Daddy holds a tissue under my nose & asks me to blow - this has also come in very handy lately!
*I love to read sitting in Mommy or Daddy's lap. My favorites continue to be "Go Dog, Go!" & "Put Me in the Zoo"
*I love my wooden puzzles & am getting really good at them - I can find where the pieces go by myself & can put most of the pieces in by myself too - sometimes I just need a little help.
*I am repeating many words that I hear & Mommy & Daddy love to hear my language developing. During the UT/Tech game on Saturday Mommy & Nana taught me how to say, "Go Horns." So I said "O Orns," over & over - I guess my cheering didn't really help them this time :(

Fun with Po & Nana!

Po & Nana came to visit me this weekend & we had such a great time! On Saturday we took picnic lunches to the park! I got to play on the slide & Po pushed me on the swing for quite some time. They also brought me a fun Halloween bag with lots of treats! Thanks for coming to visit! I love you Po & Nana!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I had a great Halloween on Friday! I got to wear my tux again! My friend Molly & I went to our church's Trunk or Treat as Bride & Groom! We had a blast - we got lots of compliments on our costumes! We also held hands in the car on the way there:)

Our Daddys decided to dress up too & be the Father of the Groom & Father of the Bride. I think they really just wanted an excuse to wear their tuxes :)