Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Milk - Yummy!

I am officially a milk drinker...In a sippy cup! No more bottles or formula for me! Last week Mommy started weaning me from formula by mixing a small amount of milk in with it & increasing the amount of milk every few days. It didn't take long for Mommy to realize that I LOVED milk. So on Friday when I woke up, Mommy gave me a sippy cup full of milk & I emptied it quickly. Mommy was thrilled with how easy it was! Now when I see Mommy pouring milk into my cup I get so excited! I reach for it & smack my lips. Then when I have finished drinking it all I will do the sign for 'more.'



We have a new family member - Matthew the German Shepherd! After our house got broken into, we were offered Matthew by some friends of friends. He is 4 years old, fully 'protection' trained & he is AWESOME! We love him so much already & have only had him a little over a week! I love petting him, brushing him & giving him treats. He has fit perfectly into our family!

Our Daddy!

Happy Father's Day to our wonderful Daddy! He is the Best!!

Michael -

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Potty Time!

I was so excited that my "Lightening McQueen" tank top matched my "Lightening McQueen" underwear! Funny, the tank top is so long you can't see my underwear in the photo. Oh well. Mommy & Daddy are SO proud of me using the potty! About 2 weeks ago, Mommy decided to try the "3 day" training method with me. A friend of hers had given her a pamphlet about it, so she thought it was worth a try. On Wednesday night, we gave all my diapers to Kate & put them in her room. Then we put all my big boy underwear in my cabinet where my diapers had been. On Thursday morning we woke up & I put on big boy underwear & have had them on ever since! NO diapers or pull-ups, not even for naps or at night! I have done great, especially with peeing in the potty :) I am still having a little trouble with the other, but I know I will get it! Overall, Mommy & Daddy think the "3 day" concept worked great & would recommend it to anyone! They were a little nervous about me wearing underwear at night, but we are so glad we did it that way! Now I am doing so good at telling Mommy when I need to go. A few times she has even found me on the potty taking care of my business without even telling her! Yay for me!! Big boy underwear is awesome!!

More pictures...

These are a few pictures Mommom took on her camera while she was visiting -
Kate's way of moving, pre-crawling. She had trouble getting her other leg out from under her, but no longer! She is everywhere now!!
Me & Mommy!

Funny Kate...

Michael's Cars!

Yesterday I had fun drawing on my Doodle Pro! I told Mommy I had drawn a car & when I showed her this -
She was VERY impressed!
Me with my second car drawing. See the wheels? I was very proud of myself :)

Kate is 11 Months! June 2, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Mommy & Daddy had their 8th Anniversary on May 19th, but had not gone out to celebrate yet. While Mommom was here to play with us, they enjoyed a fun date - dinner at their favorite sushi restaurant, Tokoyo House & a movie, Date Night.

Mommom's Visit

Mommom came to visit this week & we had SO much fun! We love her so much! Thanks for coming to visit Mommom - we can't wait to see you again soon!

Miss Kate

I turned 11 months old last week & it has been so crazy around here (Go here to find out more) that Mommy has yet to take my picture with a "11 month old" sign. She better hurry or I will be 1 & the sign won't be accurate! My family can't believe I am weeks from being 1. HOW did that happen?!
Here are a few things about me at 11 months -
I am crawling. I 'officially' started on Saturday, June 5th, but I had been doing my own kind of moving for a few weeks prior. I am also pulling up to my knees on things. I love to stick out my tongue a lot - This is fairly new. I love to say hi by sticking out my arm & whispering, "hi" softly. See the first photo. I have 5 teeth. I LOVE bathtime & cry when Mommy takes me out of the tub. The 3rd photo is me in my swimsuit, ready to swim! I have also started moving around in my crib a lot. When Mommy comes to get me in the morning or after naps I am usually sitting up, playing with my ocean wonders toy.