Monday, January 25, 2010

Kate's Baby Dedication

In December we had Kate's baby dedication at church & somehow got home without any good photos on our camera. Thankfully, our church took one & we got it in the mail this week!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2 New Teeth & Other Updates...

Why am I so happy, you ask? Because my first 2 teeth have finally cut through! Yay! They don't really show yet, but Mommy can feel them & she is so happy for me (& for her :) In other news, the Swaddle Blanket said its' good-byes this week. That has made me happier too. Just today Mommy came in to get me from my nap & I had been asleep on my side.
We have been very busy around here. This week Mommy, Michael & I started going to Bible Study Fellowship. We had a great time, although it is going to be a test for Mommy to get us dressed, fed & out of the house at 8:30am each Wednesday. But it will be worth it! I also will start going to Mother's Day Out this Tuesday with Michael! I had been on the waiting list for quite some time & they finally have a spot for me.
Michael did something fun this week too! He walked over to the microwave & pointing to all the right numbers said, "Mommy, it's an 8! And a 7! And a 1!" Then a few hours later we were driving to the grocery store & passed a Circle K convenience store when Michael said, "Mommy, it's a K for Kate!"

Saturday Morning Activities...

Brother-Sister Bonding Time
Playing with Cars!
I have been spending lots of time playing with my cars on my couch. Some mornings I get out of bed, walk straight to my couch & play with my cars for 30 minutes or more, before eating breakfast or anything. I love making the cars talk to each other & making fun car noises. Mommy really enjoys listening to my creativity & laughs a lot, especially when I tell my cars to obey each other, say please & say yes ma'am. :)

Fun with Po & Nana!

On Thursday Po & Nana came to visit & have Christmas with us. We had a great time! Kate & I love playing with Po & Nana. I have talked about them all weekend since they left & can't wait to see them again.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kate is 6 months old! January 2, 2010

What a busy month I have had! Mommy & Daddy can't believe all that I have done in just one short week! The last week of December I learned how to roll from my tummy to my back, roll from my back to my tummy & sit independently! I love baby food too! At first I had a little trouble getting the food to stay in my mouth, but I have it all figured out now & love it! I like all the foods Mommy has given me so far - cereal, peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas, pears & prunes.

Mommy found this photo of Michael peeking through the toy mat - About 6 months old as well :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Little About Michael!

One evening Daddy & Mommy heard me say, "M is for Michael!" They looked over at me drawing on a notepad (one of Daddy's from work, thankfully not important) & saw that I had written the letter M all by myself without being prompted or anything! They were surprised & excited!
One of my Christmas presents from Mommom & Papa George was my bedding for my 'Big Boy Bed.' Mommy & Daddy set it up yesterday & I love it!

Christmas 2009!

We had a wonderful Christmas at home with a record snowfall in OKC - 14 inches in the city on Christmas Eve. It was beautiful, although Mommom & Papa George had trouble getting to us. They sat on I-35 just 40 miles away from OKC, for 7 hours on Christmas Eve! Around 9pm a nearby fire department directed all the traffic to a local church 'shelter' where they spent the night with 250 other people! Thankfully they made it safely to us on Christmas morning! BB, Papa & Uncle Steven joined us the day after Christmas & we enjoyed a wonderful dinner & family fun. If you are interested in seeing the photos in the collage more clearly, double click on it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

"Helping" in the Kitchen

One of our family favorites at Christmas (& really any holiday or special celebration:) is Mommom's Chocolate Pie. I loved getting to help her make it last week. I really liked helping with the clean up! Mommom, I will help you make a chocolate pie anytime you need me!

If We Had Sent a Christmas Card...

The real-life family photo - Mommy trying to get Michael to uncover his face, Me looking at Michael giving him a look of disgust, & Daddy asking Mommy if we are almost done (just kidding - I have no idea what Daddy is saying :).
The posed family photo! We were happy with how this photo turned out, although I am a little disappointed in my bow - somehow it slipped from the side to the top of my head & I think it looks pretty silly! Mommy had plans to send Christmas cards but it just didn't happen. Maybe Valentine's Day cards this year?!

Kate's December Adventures...

I had a very eventful December! I got to meet Santa (not sure what I thought about him,) I had my baby dedication at church, I went to my first Parents' Night Out at church, I rolled over both ways, & I started eating cereal, veggies & fruit! Whew! Not to mention my first Christmas & my first snow...more about those in other posts.

Michael thought I needed more toys (as if there aren't enough on the exersaucer!). He emptied my toy box & piled them on top of me. I am such a good sport!

A sweet moment with Daddy!

Sweet smile!

Mommy loves this funny little face I am making.