Monday, September 28, 2009

New Camera!

Smiling at my brother!

Daddy got Mommy a new camera for her birthday & she is loving it! This morning Michael & Mommy had fun taking pictures of me!

Catching Up!

We've been busy lately! Mommom came to visit last week - Mommy & Mommom have the same birthday, so they always try to get together & celebrate. This year it was a week after their birthday, but close enough! We had a great time with Mommom & I kept her busy playing cars:)
Last week on my MDO day, we woke up to rainy, fall weather. I was excited to wear my jacket & tennis shoes!
Yesterday Aunt Amanda came by to meet Kate while she was in town! I was taking a nap & didn't get to see her :( But Mommy & Daddy were so happy that she made time to stop by!

And last but not least, meet our spider, 'Charlotte.' When she first showed up, Daddy looked her up online & confirmed that she was a 'good spider.' So, we let her hang around - She made herself at home next to our front door for over a week. She died yesterday. Of course Mommy wasn't too sad about that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cute Girl!

Painting Fun!

Mommy let me paint the other day & I thought it was great fun! I did a really good job holding my paintbrush too!
A few fun things I have said lately -
Mommy had a new tote bag that she won at her MOPS meeting - I asked her, "Mommy, did you buy that at Target?"
A few times I have said the word 'gosh.' Mommy & Daddy have told me to pick a different word to say instead, like 'goodness.' Mommy was on the phone the other day - I was busy playing in the living room when I heard her say the word 'gosh' when she was talking! I quickly ran up to her & said, "Mommy, don't say gosh ok? Don't say it!"
When Mommy gets her Bible out to read to me I say, "Read about God!"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hi Everyone! Mommy wants me to introduce myself! My name is Kate! I am 10 weeks old & as you can see, a very happy girl! It has taken me a few weeks to get used to this new world I am in, but I am finally beginning to adjust! I love my Mommy & my Daddy & I have a really fun big brother named Michael that shares toys with me!
Yesterday Mommy took me to the Dr. for my 2 month well-visit. Our Dr. was very pleased - I weigh 11 lbs (5oth percentile) & I'm 22 1/2 inches long (50th percentile). I was really happy to show off my smile & coo at our Dr, until he decided I needed my vaccines. I wasn't very happy about getting 4 of them! Ouch!
Something wonderful that I have started doing this week is sleeping through the night! Mommy & Daddy are thrilled about this. I don't know what all the fuss is about - I thought it was fun to get up every few hours during the night to eat & play! But the sleep is fun too! The last three nights I have slept 9 hours! Yea for me! Well, I better go take a nap - I seem to be taking a lot of those these days!

A Special Visit!

This weekend BB, Papa, Grandma & Grandad stopped by for a quick visit. I had a great time getting to see them! I love this picture of Kate & me with our Great-Grandparents!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kate is 2 months old! Sept 2, 2009

Mommy couldn't decide which photos were her favorite, so she decided to post them all. Kate is becoming more & more fun each day! A few things about her - she is smiling; she is pushing with her legs; she is cooing & making sweet little sounds; She is sleeping about 6 hour stretches at night; she is following faces & toys with her eyes; she is a little 'Houdini' with her swaddle-she always seems to get one arm out & likes sleeping with her hand by her face. Below is a photo of Michael when he was 2 months old - Once again, we think they could be twins!

Funny Michael!

I had fun sitting in one of my toy boxes! While I was sitting in it, I had Daddy fill it with my cars - I thought this was so fun!
A few funny, random things I have said recently -
*I call Mommy 'See-sa.' I must have heard someone call Mommy Lisa, so See-sa is my version of her name. I will say, "See-sa! Come ere!"
*The other day I told Mommy & Daddy, "Molly is my best friend!"
*I was eating my brocolli at dinner-I looked at Mommy & said, "This is good!"
*I announced to Mommy the other day, "Mommy is smart!"
Yesterday I asked Mommy where Daddy was. She said he was at work. I said, "No, Daddy not at work. Daddy buying cheese."
*At lunch I told Mommy, "Mommy have eyebrows. Michael have eyebrows!" Mommy told me that I have blonde eyebrows. Then she asked me what color eyebrows she has. I said, "Pink!" And then I laughed hysterically:)
I was changing my bear's diaper. I had the diaper on him & a wipe ready - when I opened the diaper, I looked in it & said, "Oh wow!" Mommy couldn't stop laughing:)
Mommy was talking to me & I looked at her with my hand held in the air & said, "Stop Mommy! Stop! Stop talking! Kate sleeping!"