Sunday, October 31, 2010

Storybook Forest

I told Mommy I wanted to dress up as a soccer player again this year. I had NO plans of wearing the dog costume she bought me!! Luckily my cool soccer outfit from last year still fit & I loved wearing it! And my shin "gardens," as I called them :) Mommy found this funny spider hat that was mine, so Kate made a very cute spider. She actually kept the hat on all night!
We went to Storybook Forest at Lake Arcadia in Edmond. It was SO fun!! I loved all the neat props, the hayride, and my favorite - the candy!!
A family close-up on the hayride!
Me with Pinnochio.
Daddy, Kate & Me with Humpty Dumpty!
Mommy loves this one of Daddy & Kate.
Mommy & Kate (who was very mellow all night - she didn't show much emotion either way). We recommend Storybook Forest & definitely plan on going back next year!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Fun!

On Tuesday while Michael & Kate were at school I enjoyed getting my house more "fallish." I know, it's the END of October & just weeks from now I will be pulling out our Christmas decor. But better late than never. I love candy corn so I had fun doing this centerpiece in the dining room (thanks to my friend Kaley for the idea!)
The weather was absolutely perfect for planting pansies. I love my red wagon that is a family heirloom - it was my mom's & aunt's when they were little girls.
Kate had her 15 month appointment on Monday & had a good report - so thankful. She weighs 21 lbs (25%) & is 30 inches tall(40%). She got 4 shots & of course, was NOT happy about it. Michael & I also got flu shots. Michael was also NOT happy about this. The nurse & I had to pin him down on the table as he screamed, "I don't want a shot!" over & over. Mommy of the year award, coming my way! Poor guy, he ended up having a really bad reaction to the shot too. Monday night we had a contractor come look at our master bathroom to give us an estimate on remodelling it. While he was here Michael threw up in the hallway & started running 103 temp. It was LOTS of fun cleaning that up with our dog, a 15 month old & a contractor in our home! Fortunately, Michael woke up Tuesday feeling much better. Also on Tuesday - Kate took her first 2 steps!! Woo Hoo!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Daily Fun!

Kate coloring for the first time - she loved it!
Michael was so proud of the Lego house that he & his Daddy built!
Before I picked Kate up & told her no, I had to take a picture - she was so proud of herself for climbing up on the fireplace. I better keep my eyes on her!! Michael & Kate have been busy, busy - everyday Michael says something funny that I have to write down, Kate says a new word, etc. - It's so fun & such a blessing to watch them grow & change daily!
Kate's favorite words this week have been puppy (puh-peee) & baby (bay-beee). She loves her puppy & her baby doll - she picks them up, gives them hugs & carries them everywhere - especially puppy. It is SO cute! This is such a sweet age! She also said yummy this week. She loves to say oh-uh, more milk (with the sign for more) & thank you. When I get her out of her crib in the mornings she says, "thay-uuuuu." Love it :)
Michael has been on a roll lately - he is hilarious :) And I'm amazed with what he knows & understands! (Moms have bragging rights, right??) When we get close to home, he can tell me what streets we are on. He can tell me if I am turning right or left. This morning I was making chili. He asked me what I was making & I told him - chili. He said, "Ch, Ch, Chili. Chili starts with 'ch'!" Wow, I was blown away! This week my mom came to visit & we had a great time - one evening she went in Michael's room to help him pick up his toys. He & Kate had emptied out ALL his kitchen toys/play food. My mom & Michael were picking this up (some of which are pepperoni from the pizza kit). My mom said, "Michael, this is nuts." And he said, "No it's not, it's pepperoni." Later he was laughing about something & said, "I can't make the laughs stop!"
This morning I said we could watch Snow White. He told me, "I like princess movies Mommy. They're pretty cool." (Uh oh, better not let Daddy hear that :)
Last week I bumped my head - he looked at me & said, "Are you ok Mommy? You ok?" I told him yes. He said, "That's right. You're ok! You're tough!"
Yesterday I told him we were meeting a new friend at the park but that I couldn't remember her little girl's name. Without missing a beat he said, "You should look it up online."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

15 Months; 3 Years, 8 Months

On October 2, Kate turned 15 months old! She is pulling up on everything! Occassionally she lets go and tries to stand without support. She has a few more words - she loves to say thank you - thay eww; night night - ny ny; all done - aw duh; One day last week she crawled over to me and said, "hi my-my." I love to play with her - I'll say, "I want to play silly with Kate!" This means I get down & crawl with her, chasing her around the house as she giggles! It's so much fun! Kate & I also like playing with my food toys in my room & having a "picnic." I can't wait until she is walking so we can play even more!
I am getting SO big! And I tell Mommy that - "I'm getting big Mommy!" My current favorite show is Go Diego, Go! I call it, "Go Diego Go Go Go!" I have also been enjoying cutting paper with the new scissors Mommy bought me. I am getting better & better at holding them correctly. Mommy found a big box of Lego's from her childhood & I think they are SO cool. I also love my puzzles. I am asking Mommy & Daddy constantly how to spell words & what the first letter of different words are - they help me with the first sound & I usually figure it out on my own! Last weekend BB & Grandma came to take care of Kate & me while Mommy & Daddy went out of town. A cute conversation I had with BB - Me -"You have really big pants BB. Cause you have really big legs. I'm not that big yet. BB: well, that's true, not yet. I shook my head sadly, "I don't know why it is taking such a long time for me to get big."

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun Weekend with Friends!

This past weekend we went to Arlington to visit Carrie, Luke & Claire. We had so much fun! On Friday we went to a nearby park and saw ducks! Then we had Pei Wei for dinner (kind of a tradition with Mommy & Carrie when they get together.) Yummy! On Saturday Luke, Claire, Kate & I got to play with a babysitter while Mommy & Carrie went out to lunch and did some quick shopping!
Luke & I built a tower! I loved Luke's train set, legos, & Thomas the Train tent! On the way home I told Mommy, "Luke has really cool toys! When can I go to Luke's house to play again?"
On Sunday we went to the Children's Museum in Fort Worth (inside the Museum of Science & History). Mommy loved this museum as a little girl & remembers taking art classes there. But it was nothing like she remembered, considering they recently tore the entire museum down & rebuilt it! Luke & I loved the tinker toys!
and the trains!
One of my favorite parts was the Big Bird & Elmo show!
The dinosaur dig was so cool!
Mommy & Miss Kate, who also loved the musuem but mostly hung out in her stroller.
How tall am I? It said I am 2'11" but Mommy really thinks I'm a little taller than that :) It also told her she is 5'4" & the Dr. office has always told her she is 5'3". Who knows?!
Kate having fun in the baby area!