Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Party Pics

Michael's 4th Birthday Party

Last month I asked Michael what kind of party he wanted & he quickly responded, "I want a construction party!" Well this was easy for me, because we have endless construction trucks, etc around our house. I had a lot of fun putting it together & making the cake! This is the first year Michael has had a "friend" party in OK. We let him choose the friends he wanted to invite & he had a great time. I asked him what his favorite part of the party was & he said, "My cake and my construction hat!" This surprised me - I thought he would say opening presents :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun Kate Moments

Mommy let me paint for the first time last week. I loved it & did really well. I didn't even try to eat the paintbrush :) Mommy thought my hearts were really pretty!
A good friend gave me these cute, squeaky shoes last summer, but they were too big. Mommy got them out the other day & they fit perfectly! I LOVE them. I love them so much that the other night I brought them to Daddy because I wanted to wear them with my pj's. Mommy thought it was so cute & wanted to take a picture. Michael & Daddy joined in - it was a fun, family moment :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a really fun Valentine party at preschool yesterday. When I got in the car I told Mommy, "I'm so glad I got to have some yummy treats & cupcakes!" After dinner last night Kate & I opened our Valentine cards from friends & family.

My Family Party!

This weekend we went to TX to celebrate my birthday with our family & friends. I had such a great time! I loved seeing Po & Nana, Mommom & Papa George, BB & Papa & Grandma & Granddad.

My Birthday at School

I had such a fun birthday celebration at school! It had to be postponed a week because of our snow days. Mommy made me chocolate cupcakes to share with my friends. My teachers, Ms. Kylie & Ms. Cynthia, gave me this cool birthday crown to wear & a certificate. I love my new school!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mommy is 26 weeks pregnant! 2-7-11

Poor Baby #3. I realized I have not posted about my ultrasound that I had in December when we found out it's a BOY! His name is David Foster Nelson - David is a name we have liked for a long time - when I was pregnant with Kate, David was our choice if she had been a boy. And Foster was Andy's grandfather who passed away 2 months shy of 100 years old. When the Dr. told us we were having a boy we were both a little shocked. For some reason we were convinced this baby was a girl. But we are thrilled, and as we left the ultrasound we really didn't have much discussion about his name - we both knew he would be David Foster. I'm feeling pretty good this pregnancy & we can't wait to meet the sweet little guy. Michael is so excited to meet his little brother & Kate has no clue :) David will be here in exactly 3 months this week! Wow!

Monday, February 7, 2011

2010 Christmas Card

Ahem, I know it is February, but I'm playing catch up -Better late than never to post our Christmas card :)

Already A Ladies' Man

For a long time now, Molly has been my 'best friend,' - I tell Mommy this randomly & often. On my birthday when Mommy told me she & her parents were coming over for dinner, I was SO excited. I asked when she would get here, ALL day. When we weren't eating, we spent the rest of the time hanging out in my bed, talking & giggling. Mommy came in my room to check on us, and I heard her tell Molly's parents & Daddy, "They are laying in Michael's bed, talking." They all started laughing. I don't know what the big deal was :)
When Mommy asked me what friends I wanted to invite to my birthday party (in a few weeks - I can't wait! I'm having a construction party!) the first person I said was, "Molly, because she is my best friend & I love her!" Last week Mommy & I were saying my prayers before bed & I told her I wanted to pray. I said, "Dear God, thank you for Molly because she is my best friend."
Last night we were getting ready to have our Sunday school class over to watch the Superbowl, when Daddy's phone rang. It was Molly, calling to talk to me! She & her Daddy were hanging out & she asked him if she could call me. We had a great chat! As we were hanging up I told her, "I love you." For some reason this made Mommy & Daddy giggle :)
I love my new preschool that I started going to in January, but one thing that makes me sad is that Molly isn't there. She was in my class at my old MDO. I miss her & tell Mommy this weekly when she picks me up. Molly told her Mommy that she really misses me too & doesn't really like MDO as much now that I'm not there :(
Another friend I have is Evelynn. She came over last night with her parents for the football game. We had SO much fun! We had lots of fun sitting in my bed playing! After she left & Mommy was putting me to bed I told her, "Molly & Evelynn are my best friends."
A few other funny things I have told Mommy this week -
*Mommy was doing a lot of cooking on Saturday & looked kind of upset (but she just said she was focused) - I looked at her & said, "I don't want you to be fusterated Mommy. I want you to be happy & have a great day!"
*Mommy & I were cleaning up toys & I was having trouble because I wanted to keep playing. Mommy told me to hurry & get everything picked up. I said, "Ok, I know, I'll focus."
*On Friday morning when we woke up, it was snowing & we hadn't left the house since Monday. I told Mommy, "I really want to go somewhere fun." She told me we would have to make the house fun. When I looked upset Mommy said, "I'm sorry." I said, "That's ok. I'm just fusterated." This is one of my favorite words right now & Mommy thinks it's cute how I say it.
*One day last week when we were house-bound, I had just finished watching Dora the Explorer (It & Deigo are my favorite!!) I asked Mommy if I could watch another one & she said no, that one was enough. I looked really upset & told Mommy, "I'm a little fusterated." She told me that I could watch another show but it would be one she picked out. I put my hands on my hips, looked at her & said, "That's a great idea!"
*Mommy made me a dump truck birthday invitation! When she showed me I said, "That's awesome mom!"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Birthday!

I turned 4 yesterday! And what a great day it was! We had lots of fun snow to play in & Daddy didn't have to go to work! I requested a strawberry birthday cake, so Mommy & I made it & then she let me decorate it all by myself! I had so much fun! I let her do the writing but I told her what to write, where & what color. My favorite decorations were the M&M's & the sprinkles!

Our friends, Jonathan, Daree, Molly & Max managed to get to our house, despite the weather, and we all had a great time celebrating! For dinner Mommy made chicken spaghetti, salad & bread. It was such a special fourth birthday!

Fun in the Snow!

On Tuesday evening after the beautiful near foot of snow finished falling, Daddy & I went out to collect some snow for Mommy to make snow ice cream. Yummy! It tasted like a milkshake! One humerous thing that happened - I refused to wear my gloves. So Daddy let me go out with him to get snow anyway, knowing that I would learn my lesson :) Of course, minutes after being out, I started crying because my hands were SO cold. Wednesday when we went out to build our snowman I had no problem wearing my gloves - in fact, it was MY idea to wear them!!
Daddy & me all bundled up & ready to build our snowman!
Matthew LOVES the snow!
And here he is - our golfing snowman!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

We woke up to beautiful snow this morning - last we heard we are at 10 inches, but it is still falling! We are enjoying the day together as a family.
Kate was hugging her blanket & Minnie, with Michael standing next to her. Great photo opportunity but when I grabbed my camera, it was gone & this is what I got :)
We opened the front door for a few minutes to let them look outside - BRRR! 6 Degrees! And yes, that is our son in short sleeves! Crazy boy - he has been VERY opinionated about clothes lately.

Michael & Kate played barber with Daddy & gave him a haircut!

Kate is 19 Months Old! February 2, 2011

On Sunday I asked Kate if I could take her picture & she got down in front me for a close-up!
I love this one of her holding Daddy's hand & smiling up at him.
Showing us her nose!
The other morning I heard Kate talking & singing away in her room - when I peeked in the door she was having a ball playing "Dr." & "Chef."
Since tomorrow is Michael's big day (he turns 4!) I thought I would post about our girl today. She turns 19 months old tomorrow! She is so much fun. I love that right now she loves Matthew & says his name so enthusiastically - "Babew! Babew!" She points to his nose, ears, eyes, and we are teaching her how to pet him. Thankfully he seems to like the attention & sits patiently as she plays with him. I also love that when you give her something she says, "Thay u, wel-come!" She loves to zip her own pj's - as soon as I get them on her, she reaches down & works with all her might to get the zipper up. The Dr. kit is one of her favorite toys - you will probably find her wearing the stethoscope most of the time. She will come up to me & listen to my heart, saying, "bum, bum."
Her favorites - books, singing songs, pushing strollers with Michael, her Minnie lovey (Mimi!), bathtime, spaghetti, bananas, yogurt, green beans, playing outside, going places
Her dislikes - Michael taking things from her, having her hair combed (owww!), shoes & socks, hairbows
Kate is so full of life, joy & happiness & we are so thankful for our sweet little girl! We love you Miss K!