Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!

Daddy turned 30 last Wednesday! We had lots of fun celebrating! Mommy & I made Daddy oreo brownies - yum! On Wed. night Kate & I stayed home with a babysitter while Mommy & Daddy went out with friends to have sushi & go bowling! Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you SO much!

My Bow Holder!

Mommy has been wanting to make me a bow holder for a while & finally finished it last week! The only problem...it is already almost full!!

Valentine's Day!

Mommy thought it would be fun to start a Valentine's Day tradition this year - pink heart pancakes for breakfast! Fun & yummy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today we had family & Michael's 3 year photos taken. A good experience overall, despite the 45 minute wait. Don't photo studios understand that children aren't very good at waiting?! (Or parents for that matter :)
Is he a "Little Andy" or what?!
LOVE this one - our favorite of Kate!

We didn't buy this one but it just makes us laugh!

Sweet siblings...

So happy! Love it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kate is 7 Months Old! Feb. 2, 2010

Can you believe I am 7 months old now?! Mommy & Daddy can't! Mommy & Daddy are enjoying me so much! I am changing & learning new things daily! I love to sit on a blanket & play with toys, jump in my jumper, play in my exersaucer, & watch Michael. I am very entertained by him - he makes me laugh & smile a lot! He is very sweet to me & such a great big brother! (We will see if that changes once I start crawling & taking his toys. He may not like me as much ;) On Friday Mommy took us to the Dr. for our check-ups. We both did great, even with our shots. Michael's shot hardly phased him, especially when he got a sucker & sticker! I weighed almost 17 lbs, (50th %) & Michael weighed 26 lbs (10th %)! Our Dr. gave us both healthy reports! Mommy & Daddy are so thankful!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Michael is 3! Feb. 2, 2010

We celebrated Michael's 3rd birthday yesterday! We are so thankful for him & he blesses us daily! It is a privilege to watch him grow & learn every day. When he woke up yesterday morning I went in his room & sang happy birthday. Then I said, "3 years ago today you were born!" He said, "Yes! I am born now!" Here are a few things we want to remember about Michael as he turns 3: *He is busy all day long, constantly playing, talking & laughing. He is contagiously energetic & joyful - happy & smiling most of the time. *He is a sleeper (probably because of how much energy he exudes all day) - he still takes 2 -3 hr naps everyday & sleeps 12-13 hrs at night. He talks for a while each night before falling asleep - to his stuffed animals, to his cars, etc. It is so funny to listen to him & we keep meaning to try to record it! He still sleeps with "bear & blanket" *Michael spends much of his day playing with cars but he likes games - Uno, Hi Ho Cherry-o, & Lucky Ducks; art - markers, crayons, oil pastels & painting; building with blocks; & reading. *He recognizes some letters & numbers; he knows his colors & shapes well, & can count to 14 (but skips some numbers sometimes) *He loves being outside & playing 'sports' with his Daddy. *He seems to be sensitive about others' feelings - I love how he walks up to me throughout the day, hugs my legs & says, "I love you Mommy." Or if I am upset he always asks, "Are you ok Mommy? You ok?" *He is sleeping in a big boy bed now & is doing great; He is showing NO interest in the potty, but we are working on that :) *He loves to sing songs - He recently taught me one that he learned at BSF - "Hammer, Hammer, Hammer, Pound, Pound, Pound, Let's Build a House for Jesus!" "That's what I sing at Bible Study!" I loved how he remembered the words & the motions. *He talks constantly - to me, his cars, Kate, stuffed animals, etc. He always wants to confirm what is going to happen -"Where are we going? Who's coming over? & "What are you doing?" are questions we hear often. We set the timer for naps, bedtime, etc so that he will have some warning. Yesterday as we were getting ready for MDO he said, "I go to school! Are you going to your own school?" He is happy to go places - the gym, church, Bible study, the library, park, MDO, etc.
I asked Michael a few questions (I got this idea off of a friend's blog:) & here are his answers -
Favorite Food - "sandwiches & toast" (the boy will eat almost ANYTHING & has a great appetite!)
Favorite Sport: "I like soccerball, football & basketball"
Favorite Toy: "Michael's cars - my blue cars & white cars"
Favorite Show: "Lightening McQueen" (The movie Cars)
Best Friend: "Hayden -but I didn't see him today." (This is a friend in his MDO class that I have just recently begun hearing about) , "& Molly! I like to play with Molly!"
Favorite Game: "Hungry, Hungry Hippos with Daddy & Mommy & Michael!"
Favorite Place to Go: "Bible Study!" (Bible Study Fellowship)
February 2010 - 3 years old
February 2009 - 2 years old
February 2008 - 1 year old
February 2007 - 1 week old

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kate's First Finger Food

The other day Mommy gave me a "Baby Mum Rice Rusk" for the first time.
At first I wasn't sure what to think about it...
Michael reassured me & was eager to help!
I ended up liking it & eating it all! Yummy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

This & That...

On Thursday & Friday we got more ice & snow. Thankfully, we never lost power like many in Oklahoma did. It was nice to have Daddy home for 4 days & the snow really was beautiful, although we are ready to see the sun & see the snow begin to melt...stir craziness is beginning to set in!

Kate LOVES the jumper just like I did! She will jump in it happily for a LONG time!

Mommy enjoyed getting the house decorated for Valentine's Day this weekend. She really likes Valentine decorations - this is the dining room table centerpiece.