Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun with BoBo

Today I had a great time playing with BoBo. I really liked BoBo sitting with me in my rocking chair...

I promise in this picture I am about to give BoBo a love pat:) That's what I told Mommy anyway, but she wasn't so sure...

I told BoBo to sit still...
but he didn't obey so he got thrown out of my chair...Poor BoBo.

Nap Time

Even as a big boy Mommy & Daddy still think I look so sweet sleeping...

Reading with Daddy

I brought Daddy my current favorite book, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb...he read it several times before I was ready for a different book!

Mac & Cheese!

My new favorite food - Yummy!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Boy!

Mommy's Post

Here are a few recent things I want to remember about Michael:
*On Monday we went through M's first car wash - when we first entered he said, "Whoa," & then he cried the rest of the way through:( The noise & the big brushes hitting the car were a little much for him.
*New signs: Please, Thank you, Help

*M LOVES blueberries right now - he points to the fridge and says "Bu-babies" over & over until he gets some.
*M loves his orange bear Pop, which he has renamed BoBo. He will walk up to me, hold his hands up & say "BoBo?" Then he will go find him & give him a hug & kiss. Too cute:)
*M is big into saying hi & bye bye right now. When we go in his room to get him in the morning or after naps he simply says, "hi." When Andy gets home from work it's the same thing, "hi." As he goes to bed at night he says "bye bye" and waves. He also loves to open & close the laundry room door while saying hi & bye bye.
*M will walk up to things he knows he isn't supposed to touch (like the trash can) and will say "no no, no no" over & over...
*I usually eat my cereal after M has had his breakfast. He loves to eat bites of it ("bi"). One morning this week I sat down at the kitchen table to eat & he came up to me to get bites. The next morning he saw me pouring my cereal into the bowl - he went over to the kitchen chair, pushed it over to where I was standing & patted it for me to sit down :)
*In the last week or so, M has shown more interest in reading - He brings us books & wants to sit in our laps to read. He LOVES the Dr. Seuss book, "Hand Hand Fingers Thumb" & wants to hear it over & over.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

We had such a fun morning yesterday! My friends Ian, Nolan, Nathan & their mommies came over to swim & play in the backyard!

My Rocking Chair

Mommy redid my rocking chair!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get Well Soon Po!

My Po (Mommy's Daddy) had quadruple bypass surgery last week. I wanted to send him a get well message...I hope you feel better soon Po! I miss you & can't wait to give you a big hug!

My New PJ's!

What do you think of my new pj's? I feel like such a big boy with no footies!
Pop wanted to be in the picture too! Lately I have been calling him Bo, so maybe that will be his new name.

My Elephant Towel!

Grandma Becky got me this cute elephant towel! I really like it! Mommy wanted to get a photo of me with the hood on, but as you can see, I wasn't very cooperative...

Crazy Hair!

Check out my curls in this picture!
I am loving my new alphabet magnets!

Daddy's Helper

I love helping Daddy! We had to do some work on the dryer & I got to use the screwdriver!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visit to Maddie's House!

This week Mommy & I went to Dallas to see Mommy's life-long friend Candice, and her daughter Maddie. Maddie & I are 3 months apart. We had a great time playing & keeping our mommies VERY busy!
On Thursday we went to Babies R Us - Our mommies put us both in the front of the cart with our snack trap cups filled with goldfish. Our moms were preoccupied with shopping, so I decided it would be fun to feed Maddie some goldfish. I wasn't really hungry anyway. Our moms thought this was the cutest thing ever & they kept pointing their phones at us & taking pictures.
Bath time with Maddie was fun! She had the coolest toys & we got bubbles too!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Art Time!

Today I had art time with my crayons! I am getting better at holding them the right way to make them draw on my paper. Mommy said I did a really good job! She also let me play with stickers! Oh my, they were so much fun!! Mommy was impressed that I knew exactly what to do with them - I would stick them to the paper & then press down to make sure they stayed put. It was a blast!

Fourth of July!

This weekend we went camping with Daddy's family for the Fourth of July. Mommy is sad that she didn't take many pictures. We had a great time!
I had so much fun playing in the mud...
swimming with my uncles...
and playing baseball with Daddy, just to name a few things that we did!
I also went for walks, ate yummy watermelon, and ate my first hot dog! It was so good, that I had 2!!

Bath Time!

Molly & I played outside the other night & had so much fun! Afterwards, our mommies gave us a bath!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am 17 months old today! July 2, 2008

Wow! I'm becoming such a big boy! I have been talking nonstop - some of my new words are shoes, juice, "what's that?" & "look at that!" I love to talk in complete "baby talk" sentences with inflection in my voice! I have recently decided that I love to dance! I have a special dance I made up where I rock back & forth on my feet while twirling my hands in the air. Mommy & Daddy think this is the cutest thing ever. They have also decided that toddlers do the strangest things...walk on my tiptoes, put food in my ear, bang my head on the floor, etc. I also have noticed that Mommy blows on my food before she gives it to me to cool it off so I won't burn my tongue. I have decided that this looks fun, so now I blow on my food before each bite:)

Fun in my Rocking Chair!

I love my little rocking chair! I have fun reading in it... sitting in it... and dancing in it!
Mommy was also so impressed the other day because I voluntarily sat down in it & watched an entire Baby Einstein dvd! When the classical music came on I got out of my chair to dance...then I sat back down to finish the show.