Friday, November 26, 2010

A Few Thanksgiving Pics

On Monday we enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving with my Mom, George, my Aunt Fran & Uncle Mark & my cousin Teal.
Teal, Fran & Mark with M & K
Miss Mischievous - I love the look on her face - "Who made this mess? Me??" And love the ring of drool on her shirt - I won't be sad when this drooling faze is over!!
My mom's beautiful (as always!) Thanksgiving table.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

15 Weeks!

I am 15 weeks into the pregnancy of our 3rd child! It's been good so far - the usual rough side effects of the first trimester have seemed to end for the most part & I am feeling good! It was so wild - last week within 2 days my pants buttoned just fine & then they didn't button anymore! Thank goodness for the belly band :) In just 3 weeks we have our ultrasound to find out boy or girl! Yay!

A Fun Visit!

Candice's parents & my mom & George only live about an hour from each other - Beorne & Fredericksburg. We have always said that if we were both at our family's homes at the same time that we should get together! It actually worked out this past weekend & we all had a great time! We arrived at C's parent's house on Friday evening. Maddie & Michael had a blast running up & down the hallway :) On Saturday the guys enjoyed playing golf while the girls & kids had fun hanging out, visiting & feeding horses! After taking about 15 pictures (not kidding :), this is the best one we have - Michael 3 yrs, 9 mo; Kate - 1 yr, 4 mo; Audrey - 6 mo; Maddie - 3 1/2. It's so fun that we have ended up having kids so close in age! Maddie & Michael love to play together & I bet Kate & Audrey will too!

Michael & Maddie loved looking for sticks that looked like letters of the alphabet! We took cut up apples & carrots to feed the horses - Michael liked feeding the horses until this guy's teeth touched his fingers! That got his attention :)

On the Road Again...

Last Friday we left OK to spend the week in Texas with family. The kids do really well traveling, overall. I guess they are getting used to it, since all our family is in TX. But it did make me laugh when we were about 30 minutes out of OKC & Michael said, "I'm really tired of being in the car." Ha ha, hahahaaaaa. "Good my dear, since we only have 8 hours left!!"

I loved how Kate was multi-tasking - Eating a snack, holding her puppy (which you will no longer be seeing in photos because puppy had a very unfortunate accident with my Mom's dog this weekend), holding her snack trap full of goldfish, and a book too!

Both in Red!

Michael was excited to take Kate's & my picture the other day when he saw that we were, "Both wearing red!" I love how the smallest things thrill a 3 1/2 year old :) The first picture really made me laugh, so I had to include it...

Atlanta Weekend!

We had a great time in Atlanta last weekend. We went for a Leadership with our Amway business. Friday night we had '80's night' & it was fun to be kids again, dressed in our tacky 80's gear. And yes, Andy wore "the wig," which he seems to think works with ANY costume! I must sneak that away to the trash someday :) I had Andy get up in the attic to find my authentic 80's charm necklaces that I have from elementary school. On Saturday & Sunday we enjoyed some fantastic leadership training & on Monday, Andy & I had a relaxing day, exploring Atlanta - the weather & fall trees were gorgeous! We flew home Monday night & found out that Kate had started walking while we were gone!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attention to Detail

Michael is very observant & pays close attention to detail quite often. I laughed out loud the other day when I walked in his room & he had his sippy cup on his table, sitting on a coaster. The coasters are in our living room in a drawer, so he made a special effort to do this :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Few Phone Pics