Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Sneak Peak -

Mommy still has a few more things to do in Kate's nursery before she takes pictures, but here are a few projects she is done with -
-The painting that is above Kate's bed -
-Kate's letters that Mommy painted-
Today I told Mommy that I want Kate to come out! I can't wait to meet her!

A Fun Visit!

Mommy's friend, Carrie, came to visit this week with her two kids, Luke & Claire. Luke is a year older than me & Claire is 8 months old. We had so much fun playing outside, going to the park, playing with my golf set & watching Signing Time! We kept our mommies busy but they had a great time too:) Mommy can't believe she didn't get one picture of us playing together:(

Fun with Molly!

The other day Molly & her mommy, Daree, came over to play. Molly & I went in my room to look at books. Mommy & Daree kept hearing us talk & having so much fun, so Mommy snuck around the corner to see what we were doing. We were on the couch, each "reading" our own book! We had so much fun!

My Baseball Hat!

I am having fun wearing hats! The other day Mommy & I were outside planting flowers. She told me to always wear a hat when I'm outside so that I won't get a sunburn. Now every time we go outside, I tell Mommy (in so many words) that I need to put my hat on so I won't get a sunburn on my face! Sunburns hurt!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


6 weeks from today, Kate will be here with us! Mommy is enjoying her first week not teaching art on Wednesdays & Thursdays. Because of a little scare last Saturday, Mommy has been told by her Dr. to take it easy & rest more - this is difficult for her, but so far she is doing pretty good:) Tuesday was Mommy & Daddy's 7 year anniversary! They enjoyed a date while Mommom was here last week - While she was here we had so much fun working on Kate's room! I was a big helper :) I loved watching Mommom sew & getting to play with her. Kate's room is almost finished - Mommy has a few more finishing touches before she takes pictures!
A few funny things from last week - Mommy & Mommom were having a conversation & I wanted their attention - I looked at them & said, "No talking! No talking!" Not very nice, I know:) One evening Mommy & Mommom were going through a box of Mommy's toys & dolls. They found Mommy's little stuffed owl that I really liked! I wanted to take him to bed, but Mommy said no because she wanted to wash him first. I guess they took him from me when I wasn't looking...I started asking, "Where owl go?" Mommy & Mommom told me that he flew away, but that he would be back soon. I kept asking for him over & over - for some reason they thought this was funny & got really tickled - I didn't think this was funny at all - I looked at them & said, "Not funny! Not funny!" Hmmm...I still haven't seen owl!
Other fun things: The other day I was coloring - Mommy told me to draw a circle & I did! Mommy was surprised! She didn't have any idea I could do this. Then Mommy wrote an M on the paper & said, "M is for Michael!" Later on Mommy showed me an M & said, "What is that?" I said, "M is for Michael!"
I now say "Michael" instead of "My-mul." This makes Mommy & Daddy kind of sad.
I am becoming much more interested in doing things "by myself." I can get in the car & into the carseat by myself. I also can get into my booster seat & buckle myself in!
Playing with Kate's fabric!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kate's Shower!

On Tuesday night, Mommy's sweet friends from church gave Kate a shower! She had a wonderful time & felt so loved!
The beautiful table!
Mommom gave Kate Mommy's Feltman Brother's dresses from her childhood & she gave Kate one of her own!
Mommy with her hostesses - Daree, Katie, Sueanna, Kira & Beth

Mommy with Mommom & our close family friend, Suzanne


My bear that Molly gave me for my birthday has become my favorite stuffed animal. I sleep with him every night! Last weekend Mommy, Mommom & I left Abilene on Saturday but Daddy stayed until Monday. Bear accidentally got left with Daddy in Abilene. I was very troubled by this - I asked Mommy over & over, "Where is bear?" & "Where did bear go?" I was so happy to be reunited with bear on Monday!


Mommy, Daddy & I went to Abilene last weekend for 2 college graduations! Mommy's cousin, Teal, graduated from ACU & Daddy's brother, Steven, graduated from HSU. It was a fun weekend with family & friends!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coloring Fun!

I have really been enjoying coloring! I like to talk about each color that I am using! As you can see in the photo below, I am very pleased with my work:)
A few fun things I have said this week -
**Randomly to Mommy with lots of enthusiasm - "My-mul has 10 toes!!"
**"Goldfish! Yummy! I love goldfish!" (Also with lots of enthusiasm:)
**Mommy told me we were going to go to the gym so she could exercise - I love going! I get to play in the kid's room with Mimi! Mommy was still in her pj's & this bothered me because I was ready to go! So I looked at her & said, "Mommy! Change your clothes!"
**Yesterday I wanted more crackers but Mommy said no because it was almost dinner time. I got upset & began to overreact, so Mommy sent me to my room & said she would come get me when I was happy. I went to my room & a few minutes went by with me crying. Then I started feeling better & Mommy hadn't come to get me yet so I walked to my door, peeked out, & said, "My-mul is happy!!"
**I wanted to sit in the chair at the kitchen table but Mommy's bag was in the way. I looked at Mommy & said, "Move your bag please!"

Mirror, Mirror!

Mommy caught me having fun in the mirror the other day! I love saying "Hi My-mul!" & making my cheesy smile (see below photo). I am really into making this cheesy smile lately - It's so fun & it always makes Mommy laugh!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Day!

Mommy is determined to do better with taking pictures of me. Lately, she has been slacking. It is partly because I go non-stop & am a little difficult to stop for a picture! This morning I happily posed for Daddy! My cars are still my favorite toy! I am talking all the time, often in more complete thoughts & "sentences," although there are still many things I say that only Mommy & Daddy can understand. The other morning I told Daddy to "Get up Daddy off the bed." I also say "Mommy, cars on the floor." As of this week, I have been eating a lot & sleeping a lot...I must be growing!!

30 Weeks!

Mommy is 30 weeks! I love to give Kate a kiss by kissing Mommy's tummy. I also like to ask Mommy questions about Kate. This morning Mommy & I were eating cereal for breakfast & I asked Mommy, "Kate eat cereal?"

Baby Kate!

Baby Kate will be joining us in exactly 2 months! On Friday, Mommy, Daddy & I went to see her! I was so excited to see "Kate on the TV!" (Computer screen). She wasn't extremely cooperative - her hands were all around her face & she was wrapped up in a little ball, so they had trouble getting very many good shots. But the ultrasound tech did manage to get a few of her face. Mommy & Daddy think the pictures show some clear resemblance between me & my sister! I can't wait to meet her!
Baby Kate - 30 Weeks
Baby Michael - 31 Weeks