Friday, February 22, 2008

Three Steps!

I have done lots of new things this week!
*Today I stood by myself & took my first three steps! It was so cool and Mommy was really excited! I can't wait to do it again and show Daddy!
*I started saying Mama on Wednesday! This makes Mommy really happy :)
*I tried lots of new foods this week - chicken sticks, avocado, macaroni & cheese & blueberries. I also decided that I love banana! I couldn't get enough!

Fun with Friends!

This week Mommy & I went to Arlington to visit Carrie & Luke & Elizabeth & Lydia. What a fun time we had! Here are some pictures ...
Carrie & Luke, Elizabeth & Lydia, Mommy & MeTuesday afternoon was so pretty & we got to play outside! I LOVED the swing! Mommy & Daddy are going to get me one really soon!I also loved sitting in the turtle and playing with the plastic balls!Mommy, what are you doing?!

After playing outside it was time for dinner. We were hungry!On Wednesday we rode in the wagon to the park! We got to have goldfish crackers & other fun snacks too!Again, the swing was the best!

Mommy went down the slide with me! I really liked playing Luke's piano!
After all the fun we had at the park, we had to get clean!
Lydia & I had a great time with the fridge magnets.
The six of us after a super fun week! I hope I get to see them all again really soon!

After My Bath...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you!
This weekend was my Daddy's birthday! Mommy and I had lots of fun throwing him a surprise party on Saturday night! He really was surprised because he had no idea! :) We had friends over for pizza, cake and to play games. I didn't get to play the games because I had to go to bed, but it was still lots of fun!

What a Fun Weekend!

On Sunday after church I got tired of my pants, so I crawled out of them. This is the new style anyway, a sweater vest and diaper:)

I just love to pull up on everything! Furniture, cabinets, the wall, Mommy and Daddy:)!

Daddy got his poker chips out and let me play with them! What fun! I was very good about taking each poker chip out one at a time and looking at it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I got to help Daddy open his Valentine present that I got him!
Yummy, Oreo's! Can I have one? :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Latest Adventures...

I have been a very busy boy! The other day I was so tired after Mother's Day Out that I fell asleep during my snack!
Mommy turned one of her cabinets into my special toy cabinet! I love it!
I also love to explore the kitchen cabinets!
Now that I am one I get to eat all kinds of cool foods! I recently tried scrambled eggs - they were yummy. I also love peanut butter! I got to eat it for my snack today!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am 1 Year Old! February 2, 2008

A Year in Review...

Happy Birthday to Me!

On Saturday, Mommy & Daddy had a birthday party for me! I turned 1! It was so much fun! We had lots of friends & family come to help me celebrate! I can't wait for everyone to get here! Let's get this party started!!My cowboy cupcakes! The cupcake with the 1 candle on it was mine:)The food table - we had finger sandwiches, pretzels, cookies, cupcakes & juice!Oh my goodness, this is the best thing ever!Cupcake, where have you been all my life?!Not only was it fun to eat the cupcake, it was also fun to drop pieces of it on the floor.Yum! Can I have more?Mommom is helping me pick up all my crumbs. The mommies with their tired babes - Carrie & Luke, Mommy & me, Candice & Maddie. Time to open gifts!!
My awesome UT piggy bank! Thanks Po & Nana:)
Luke & Maddie helped me open my gifts & play with my new toys!
I just love my wooden spoons & pot that Mommy & Daddy got me.
Man, this is the best day ever - I got to see lots of people that I love, I got to eat a cupcake, and I got lots of fun new toys, books & clothes!
Maddie & I snuck off to the kitchen...I had to show her the cool kitchen cabinets! Great-Grandad taught me how to show people how old I am!