Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Fun Week!

This week I started going to my new Mother's Day Out on Mondays & Wednesdays! I love my teachers, Ali & Tricia. My classroom has really fun toys & we get to go to music class! I get to take my nap on a cot. Mommy was wondering how this would go, but when she picked me up Ali told her I crawled up onto my cot & fell right to sleep. I was tired from all the playing! In other news, I have been putting 2 words together - I can say & sign "more please" & "help please." I have been doing better at saying please without Mommy or Daddy prompting me. I also have other new words this week - spoon, nap & bird. Mommy was surprised yesterday when we were playing outside - I heard a bird tweet, so I looked up & said bird while doing the sign! Mommy didn't even know I knew the sign for bird - I have seen it on Baby Signing Time! Mommy & Daddy are also beginning to notice that I never meet a stranger. I say hi to EVERYONE! I even say hi or bye bye to people who are getting into their cars in parking lots. Today Mommy & I were at Hobby Lobby. I said hi to everyone I saw - the cashier, people in line, etc. Then when we got home we were getting out of our car & our neighbor was getting out of his car. He said hello & I walked right over to him to talk! I am just a friendly little guy!


Melodie said...
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Melodie said...

how cute. what a smart little guy you have!