Saturday, June 13, 2009

36 Weeks!

The countdown has begun - Just 18 days until Kate's arrival! Mommy continues to feel great, especially with the occasional nap:) I have had a fun week having lots of Mommy time! On Tuesday I started going to a new MDO where I will go through the end of July & then in the fall on Tuesdays & Fridays. Mommy promised me I would make new friends & get to play with new toys - she was right!
I am really enjoying playing with my farm bowling set. What makes Mommy & Daddy laugh is that I call it, "The bowlings!" I will tell them, "I hit the bowlings!" I also have a funny way of asking what things are, "What dat right dare?" If I am in a different room from Mommy, I will say, "Hey Mommy! Come ere! What dat right dare?" I am also improving in the area of manners - the other morning Mommy had made me a waffle with a small amount of butter & maple syrup. When I was nearly done, I decided I wanted more butter so I said, "More butter please Mommy." Mommy said she normally wouldn't have given me more butter, but because I asked SO nicely...I will have to remember this trick in the future:)
This weekend Mommy has enjoyed some rest & relaxation by herself! Daddy & I went to Texas to see family & for Daddy to play golf! Mommy has slept, worked in the yard, worked on Kate's room & slept some more! Mommy & Daddy can't believe that we are about to be a family of 4! If any of our blog readers out there have some great advice about adjusting to having 2 children or helping me adjust to being a big brother, please share!


Elizabeth said...

Hi I was wondering what you were going to do about M's Moments, I like the new banner! So advice-have you helped Michael get a present to give to Kate when she is born? And does she have something for him? We had matching sisters dolls.

The Swifts said...

you look FABULOUS!!!

Ross Family said...

You look wonderful and we can't wait to see pictures of Kate. We hope everything will go smoothly with all the new transitions about to happen. Let us know if you need anything.