Monday, February 8, 2010

Kate is 7 Months Old! Feb. 2, 2010

Can you believe I am 7 months old now?! Mommy & Daddy can't! Mommy & Daddy are enjoying me so much! I am changing & learning new things daily! I love to sit on a blanket & play with toys, jump in my jumper, play in my exersaucer, & watch Michael. I am very entertained by him - he makes me laugh & smile a lot! He is very sweet to me & such a great big brother! (We will see if that changes once I start crawling & taking his toys. He may not like me as much ;) On Friday Mommy took us to the Dr. for our check-ups. We both did great, even with our shots. Michael's shot hardly phased him, especially when he got a sucker & sticker! I weighed almost 17 lbs, (50th %) & Michael weighed 26 lbs (10th %)! Our Dr. gave us both healthy reports! Mommy & Daddy are so thankful!

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