Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Fun Visit!

Candice's parents & my mom & George only live about an hour from each other - Beorne & Fredericksburg. We have always said that if we were both at our family's homes at the same time that we should get together! It actually worked out this past weekend & we all had a great time! We arrived at C's parent's house on Friday evening. Maddie & Michael had a blast running up & down the hallway :) On Saturday the guys enjoyed playing golf while the girls & kids had fun hanging out, visiting & feeding horses! After taking about 15 pictures (not kidding :), this is the best one we have - Michael 3 yrs, 9 mo; Kate - 1 yr, 4 mo; Audrey - 6 mo; Maddie - 3 1/2. It's so fun that we have ended up having kids so close in age! Maddie & Michael love to play together & I bet Kate & Audrey will too!

Michael & Maddie loved looking for sticks that looked like letters of the alphabet! We took cut up apples & carrots to feed the horses - Michael liked feeding the horses until this guy's teeth touched his fingers! That got his attention :)

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