Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This & That

We have been really busy & I've been horrible at taking pictures. We had our master bathroom remodelled, which was 4 weeks of total confusion. But we are so excited & pleased with how it looks. It may be worthy of a blog post, "Ode to a Bathroom." It has been quite the journey.
Michael has been taking gymnastics & really likes it. The last two weeks he has been taught by Coach Steve, Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller's coach. How cool is that? He has figured out how to count to 20 & does it all the time. He has been spelling small words from memory - "B-I-G spells big Mommy!" "S-T-O-P spells stop!" He LOVES school - on Mondays I pick him up at noon & he always wants to stay. He has been mentioning reading & how he can't wait to learn how.
On April 3rd, Michael & Kate started sharing a room to prepare for Baby David's arrival. Overall, it has gone really well. The first night they talked & giggled & played until after 10. But each night is getting better & the newness is wearing off.
Kate turned 21 months on April 2nd. She is quite entertaining. As the kids go to bed we all pray together - Kate will hold out her hands & say, "Pay? Pay?" Then we all hold hands & she puts her head down. As we pray she says, "Dear God, Dear God, Dear God" over & over :) It is so cute. Then she enthusiastically says, "Aaaa-men!" As we leave the room she says, "Nigh, nigh, bye bye," and waves to us.
The other day Kate found a small bottle of antibacterial gel from her church bag. She had opened it & was shaking it on the carpet. I quickly took it away from her & told her no. She said, "Ohhh man!!" It was hilarious. Michael says 'oh man' a lot, from Swiper on Dora, so I am sure that is where she got it. Since then Michael loves to make her say 'oh man' & they say it back & forth. We may take a break from Dora :)
Michael & Kate like to bring their little chairs into the living room to watch a show after nap time. And of course, Bear has to have his own chair.
I walked into the dining room the other day & said, "Michael! What is this?!" "Mommy, it's our garage sale!" (This was just a few days after we had our garage sale.)
This guy was in our front yard the other morning! He was HUGE. Thankfully, he didn't stick around too long. Andy took a lot of photos of him, so I guess he was camera shy because he left soon after.

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