Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Laugh A Minute...

that's Kate. Aunt Amanda & Uncle Matt mailed sunglasses in her birthday package & she has worn them constantly. Even at dinner. Some of the cute/funny things she is saying these days -
"I did it!" "Yay! I help you!" The way she says Michael - "Guycull" & Matthew (our dog) - "Bapew" "I don't like it." "ok! Just a second."
When I go get her in the morning the first thing she says - "A diaper change Mommy, a diaper change."
The other day I said, "Hi pretty Kate," & she replied, "Hi pretty Mommy."
She was playing in her room by herself with the door closed. I opened the door to check on her & she looked at me & said, "Bye Mommy. Bye!" A few minutes later I checked on her again & she said, "Have a great day Mommy! Bye!"
She is getting very good at repeating what we say. Now I can ask her, "Kate, when do we obey?" and she replies, "First time, every time." We also tell Matthew to get out of the kitchen quite often. He was in the kitchen yesterday during lunch & she said, "Out of the kitchen Bapew! Out of the kitchen!"
The other night after Kate's bath I asked her, "Kate, do you want to sit on the potty?" She said yes & sat down, acting like it was no big deal. She went right away & Michael said, "Mommy! Kate went pee in the potty! I'm so proud of you Kate!" She looked SO excited. She got up & jumped around, clapping her hands & saying, "Yay!"