Saturday, November 12, 2011

tHiS wEeK -

Do you like my use of lower case & capital letters in the title? It is to represent all the shaking that has gone on in OK this past week! Earthquakes, thunderstorms and tornadoes, oh my. 
 Michael has been doing a great job making his bed each morning! 
 On Monday after we picked Michael up from school I felt unusually spontaneous. State Farm was doing a special Cars 2 promotion at our local mall. So the kids & I went to stand in line for 45 minutes - they loved the life-size Mater & Lightening McQueen. They also gave the kids totebags full of goodies - Lightening McQueen beach towels, key chains, coloring books, etc. It was definitely worth our time & lots of fun! 

Michael has been learning about family in his Pre-K class this week & he had to draw a family crest - I drew the outline of the crest, but he drew everything else (except he had me draw the football & the dog :) He did such a great job writing our last name - his handwriting has drastically improved in these few months of pre-k so far! The top left is Daddy, Kate & Michael playing football. The top right is his favorite food, grilled cheese & the bottom section is our family - Daddy, Mommy, Michael, Kate, David and Matthew. Love it :) 
A few other random tid-bits - 
~I stood at Michael's door the other night when he was supposed to be falling asleep. He was singing, "If you throw a fit, you might get in trouble. If you do mean things, you might get in trouble. If you take a toy away, that's not sharrrringggg. You should get another toy instead." He kept singing it over & over, making it up as he went. Too funny.
~Kate climbed out of her crib after her nap on Nov. 1. Michael never did this. She was having trouble napping that day. I was in the kitchen & heard her door open & her crying get louder & louder - she came up to me & said, "Mommy, I hit my head." Thankfully she hasn't done it again :) As I type this, she is taking her nap in big girl panties! We started potty training yesterday & she is doing good so far! Michael loves helping cheer her on & giving her stickers!
~Michael asked me the other day, "Mommy, how old are you?" 33. "How old is Daddy?" 31. "Are you serious?!" Ha! 

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