Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DFW Trip

The kids & I took a trip to Arlington & Dallas last week to see my 2 sweet friends, Carrie & Candice & their kids - Monday to Wednesday we were at Carrie's in Arlington - The kids had a blast playing together & did really well...we really didn't have to referee very much :-) Luke & Michael had lots of fun building "cities" in Luke's room - they did a great job at getting out every train, Lego & car that Luke owned :-) Carrie & I enjoyed visiting when the kids were asleep. We joke about how many different conversations we start/stop when the kids are awake! 
 Kate - 2, David - 1, Michael - 5, Luke - 6, Cora - 7mo, Claire - 3 (All we needed was a 4 year old & we would have had every age from baby to 6!!)
 Silly Pic :-)
On Wednesday we headed to Candice's in Dallas - It's crazy that Michael & Maddie are now the age that Candice & I were when we met - we met the first day of Kindergarten & they are both starting Kinder in August!
 Super Dad Rob reading to all the kids - except David who was already in bed :-) The first night we were there Candice & I got all the kids to bed & then we went to Mi Cocina for drinks & queso. While we were gone Michael came out of the bedroom & told Rob very dramatically, "My body needs a little bit of water." Then Maddie said, "It's hard to fall asleep with all this whining." Hilarious. The 2nd night Candice & I did some late night shopping at Old Navy & Wal-Mart. Living it up, I tell you :-) And fortunately for Rob, all the kids stayed in their rooms the 2nd night :-)
 Maddie was so sweet to share her dress up stuff with Kate. Kate LOVED it!!
 On Friday we went to the Dallas Zoo - my first time to ever go, even though I grew up in Ft. Worth! Despite the heat, we had a great time. Our favorites were the giraffes, the baby chimps (SO cute!!), the gorillas & the elephants.

 We loved how close the giraffes were! 
2 things I have noticed about Kate lately - She LOVES slides - she went down this one at least 20 times. She also loves waterfalls. Of course I don't think she's ever seen one that wasn't man-made, but she is definitely fascinated by them.
We got home Friday evening VERY tired but we had a wonderful week - I'm so thankful for these 2 friends that let me & my children invade their homes, eat all their food & make lots of messes!! It's really fun to watch our children becoming friends!

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