Saturday, October 19, 2013

Things to Remember - June to Present

Michael -
*"I can swim without a floatie! I can brush my own hair! I am getting SOOO big!!!"
*"Mommy, I need to tell you something (looking at weather app on iPhone) - Today's high is 99. Tomorrow's high is 98. And then on Sunday we're going to have another rain." Running out of the room, "Kate, I know what the weather is!!"
*"I love having a little brother. He plays with me. And maybe I'll even like him when he grows up!!"
*M rolled his eyes at me when I asked him to do something. I sent him to time out & he said (verrrrry dramatically), "But my eyes didn't mean to!!!!" :)
*I had spilled some water in the kitchen. Michael quickly told me not to worry, that he would clean it up. I left the kitchen & came back to the water cleaned up & his little toy safety cones sitting in the area where the spilled water had been. So clever!
*One evening I asked Michael if he would vacuum. He enthusiastically said yes & ran to get the vacuum. I wonder how long I can keep this going? :)

Kate -
*I love this story that Andy's mom posted on FB when she was keeping the kids in August - making muffins is a tradition at BeBe's house. Kate, age 4, getting us organized: "i'll take the first turn and put in the first thing, and then Michael gets a turn." Bebe: how did you decide that you get to be first? Michael (age 6): Yeah, Kate. you're not the boss. You are not an adult, and you are not a policeman." Kate: Well, i'm going to be a kitty cat when I grow up. Michael, breaking up in great laughter: You can't ever be a kitty cat, silly. You are a human. you can be a policeman when you grow up but you cannot be a kitty cat." 
I'm glad Michael understood the conversation. Bebe was a little unsure how we got fron the muffin part to the the kitty cat part.*Kate loves dance class & Pre-K. She talks about her school friend, Kaitlyn, constantly. She got invited to play at Kaitlyn's house the other day & was SO excited.
*On my bday - "Mommy, what's your number now?"

David -
*He discovered the big pool in late July & didn't want much to do with the kiddy pool after that. He quickly became a little fish.
*He loves to dance still, and definitely likes to be the center of attention. Apparently he is quite the little clown in his MDO class :)
*He's slowly getting more & more words. He's going through a phase now where he repeats something over & over until we respond. "Milk, milk, milk, milk..." Kind of cute, kind of annoying :)
*On Michael's first day of school, David walked around the house all day saying, "Where Guycul?" over & over :( Such sweet brothers.

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