Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tummy Time, Teeth & Other Troubles...

Mommy & Daddy have been putting me on my tummy a lot more lately. It is ok, but I really prefer sitting because I can see everything better. Being on my tummy is so much work. But they want to help encourage me to crawl...right now though, I am very content just rolling.
As you can see, my eyes are a little red in the picture because I just threw a nice "9 month old" fit about being on my tummy:)
My 2 top teeth are giving me all kinds of trouble too.
And to make matters worse, Mommy smashed my finger today - I was in my feeding seat & my finger ended up under the tray - I know she didn't do it on purpose, but it hurt & I cried:( I know tomorrow will be a better day!
I would rather play with this clear plastic container than all my colorful toys!I wore my cute jacket today for the first time - Mommy & I went to church for her Bible study & it was COLD outside!

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