Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

On Saturday, Mommy & Daddy had a birthday party for me! I turned 1! It was so much fun! We had lots of friends & family come to help me celebrate! I can't wait for everyone to get here! Let's get this party started!!My cowboy cupcakes! The cupcake with the 1 candle on it was mine:)The food table - we had finger sandwiches, pretzels, cookies, cupcakes & juice!Oh my goodness, this is the best thing ever!Cupcake, where have you been all my life?!Not only was it fun to eat the cupcake, it was also fun to drop pieces of it on the floor.Yum! Can I have more?Mommom is helping me pick up all my crumbs. The mommies with their tired babes - Carrie & Luke, Mommy & me, Candice & Maddie. Time to open gifts!!
My awesome UT piggy bank! Thanks Po & Nana:)
Luke & Maddie helped me open my gifts & play with my new toys!
I just love my wooden spoons & pot that Mommy & Daddy got me.
Man, this is the best day ever - I got to see lots of people that I love, I got to eat a cupcake, and I got lots of fun new toys, books & clothes!
Maddie & I snuck off to the kitchen...I had to show her the cool kitchen cabinets! Great-Grandad taught me how to show people how old I am!


Wendy said...

How fun! Happy Birthday, Michael! Hope to see you soon!

Michelle said...

Looks like so much fun! Hope you are doing better now! Tell Michael thank you for Sadie's present! Will talk to you soon!

The decorations are adorable! Nice work Mommy!