Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am 15 months old! May 2, 2008

Mommy tried and tried to get a picture of me with my sign, but I wouldn't cooperate:)
Mommy & Daddy can't believe I am 15 months old! I am becoming such a big boy! I can do so many things!
I do sign language for milk, eat, more & all done.
I can say mama, dada, ba (ball), & da (dog) & bla (block).
I have 8 teeth with one more on the way.
I love to play ball, put my blocks in my shape sorter, play with tupperware, & just walk around the house to explore:)
I have an awesome appetite - some of my favorites are peanut butter, cheese,
yogurt & veggies - I tried broccoli yesterday and it was awesome!
A funny story: I have had such a great appetite lately! So much so, that I have begun to steal...crackers that is:) Sunday at church they nicknamed me the "Cracker Bandit." Not only was I eating the crackers they gave me, but I was also walking over to other kids, taking their crackers out of their hands, and shoving them in my mouth! The adults had to vacuum because I was searching for crackers on the floor too!
I promise Mommy & Daddy feed me! :)
Here I am last year in May. I am with my friend Maddie. I was 3 months old and Maddie was a few days old. Mommy chose this picture because Maddie turns 1 this week!
Wow, how time flies!

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Kristen said...

He is getting so big and is still so cute!