Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Blue Dog!

I love my blue dog now! When Mommy bought it back in March I liked it ok, but wasn't quite ready for it. Now, I am a big boy - I can get on it & off of it by myself! And of course I can rock on it by myself too! My face lights up when I am on it...if you can't tell from the pictures!

Here I am pointing to the dog and saying "Daw, Daw" :) Mommy & Daddy love the way I say dog with a little "Texas twang."
In other news - Yesterday I said my name for the first time! Mommy, Daddy, Jonathan & Daree all heard me! I also have been loving the
peek-a-boo game! I cover my face with my hands and wait for Mommy or Daddy to say, "Where's Michael?" They usually say it several times before I pull my hands away & giggle:) Sometimes if I have covered my face & they aren't paying attention, I will say, "baby," over & over until they look at me:)

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