Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baby Signing 101

Today while we were drawing I decided to show off - Mommy just happened to have her camera handy! Imagine that! :)Where's Michael?
Here I Am!
More Please...
Time for a nap...
All Done!


Michelle said...

Yay Michael!! You are sooo smart!! Did you know Sadie still carries around your picture?? When are you coming to visit your Grandparents in Fredricksburg?? We can meet and play!

Michelle & girls

Kristen said...

Hi there!

Michael is getting so big...and so cute!

I just read that you are teaching him sign language. Have you heard of the Signing Time videos & tv show? My boys STILL love it so much (Kevin and I find ourselves watching it too) and have learned a TON of sign language. The tv show comes on PBS here, but you can check it all out at