Sunday, September 7, 2008

Likes & Dislikes...

**Mommy is noticing that I am beginning to express my likes & dislikes more often! This morning we were getting ready for church - I DID NOT like the outfit Mommy put on me & I let her know until she changed me. Then I didn't like the shoes she picked I let her know that too. On the way to church I told her I was hungry - she handed me a fruit bar & once again, I didn't like that either. When Mommy & Daddy dropped me off at my Sunday School class, they said I little prayer that I would be more agreeable :)
**I LOVE Ketchup! Mommy let me have it for the first time last week. It makes my chicken nuggets & fish sticks taste so much better!
**I love giving Mommy & Daddy kisses! This is my new favorite thing! I will say "iss" over & over until they let me give them a kiss on their cheek - and of course I give them one on each cheek!
**I really don't like the sun being in my eyes - When we are driving & it gets in my eyes I cover them up while saying "eyes" over & over.
**I love to sit on the kitchen counter! Sometimes Mommy lets me do this while she is cooking or doing the dishes - it is a special treat!

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