Monday, November 3, 2008

I am 21 months old today! Nov 2, 2008

I am glad to be on the countdown to being done with these photos with the little signs - They seem kind of silly to me - but Mommy insists on doing them until I turn 2 - So only 3 more months! I just can't believe how fast I am growing & changing - everyday I learn something new. Some of Mommy & Daddy's favorite things about me right now:
*I love my stuffed animals - Bobo, Ras, Orn the Longhorn, E, & Mannie - Yes, I named them by myself! I love to pile them all in my shopping cart & take them around the house.
*I like to walk holding Mommy or Daddy's hand when we are out & about. Mommy says this has come in very handy since I am finally getting heavy :)
*I can blow my nose! Mommy or Daddy holds a tissue under my nose & asks me to blow - this has also come in very handy lately!
*I love to read sitting in Mommy or Daddy's lap. My favorites continue to be "Go Dog, Go!" & "Put Me in the Zoo"
*I love my wooden puzzles & am getting really good at them - I can find where the pieces go by myself & can put most of the pieces in by myself too - sometimes I just need a little help.
*I am repeating many words that I hear & Mommy & Daddy love to hear my language developing. During the UT/Tech game on Saturday Mommy & Nana taught me how to say, "Go Horns." So I said "O Orns," over & over - I guess my cheering didn't really help them this time :(

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Michelle said...

Are you out of town my friend?? Where is my Michael update??
See you soon! :)