Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Having Fun!

We've been so busy lately that Mommy hasn't been very good about taking pics of me. Plus, I am constantly on the move, so sitting still for a photo isn't happening as much these days. But, everyday is an adventure for me! I have so much enthusiasm about the simplest things! Several cute things I have been saying lately: "Bye Bye Toys!" (as we leave the house); "My-mul is helping!"; "My-mul want to run!"; "Oh! E hit! E not nice!" (After I made my bear, E, hit me:)
I absolutely love my Signing Time dvd's. I bring them to Mommy & ask for them by name. I love to do the signs as I watch the show. I have also been asking for books by name. My favorites to ask for are "Go Dog Go," "Goodnight Moon," & "Big Little." I have been counting 1-10. My favorite time to do this is when I am playing outside with Mommy & Daddy. I like to count to 10 & then throw the ball up in the air. The other night Mommy tried & tried to get me to do this for the video camera but I wouldn't cooperate.
I have become quite the helper, which Mommy is hoping will continue when Kate is born :) I love to get things for Mommy & help pick up. The other day I finished my bowl of goldfish & then pushed the chair up to the sink to put my bowl in the sink. Mommy was impressed that I did this all by myself.

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