Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fun Things -

A few stories about me lately:
*The other night I was in the bathtub & Mommy sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider." I love this song & was loving the motions! Then Mommy started singing, "If You're Happy & You Know It." I wasn't happy about this at all & told her, "No, no, not that song! Spider Song! Spider Song!"
*My favorite stuffed animal right now is the bear that Molly gave me for my birthday. The other night Mommy put me in bed & I realized that I didn't have bear. Bear was out in the car & Mommy was hoping I would fall asleep without him. But when she closed my door I started crying, "I want bear, I want bear." I must have sounded so sad & convincing that Mommy went out to the car & brought me bear. I fell asleep immediately :) Mommy is thinking she may need to buy a 2nd bear as a replacement just in case this one gets lost.
*Lately when I have been pushing my grocery cart around I will announce over & over, "I go get gas." Mommy thinks I must have learned this at MDO or something:)
*I have been telling Mommy what color things are (& I am correct) - the other day I told her I was wearing my "red shirt." Then I was carrying around a plastic spoon & brought it to her, telling her it was my "purple spoon." Later I was carrying around my Goofy stuffed animal. I told her about Goofy's green hat & blue pants. Mommy & Daddy have been teaching me my colors & I also love my signing time dvd, "Box of Crayons."
*I have been counting to 5! I don't really count objects yet. I will just randomly start counting from 1-5.
*When we are driving in the car I love to point out what I see - "Nanacycle (motorcycle)," car, BIG truck, bike, school bus, etc. Quite often I will be so excited when I see these things & say, "Ohhh! bike!" with lots of enthusiasm.

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Elizabeth said...

getting so big! for a while I thought Lydia would never learn her colors but she did :)